You were always on my mind.

14 09 2010

outer sunset, sf

I love Ortega Street on sunny days with her empty avenues that just spill out into Ocean Beach.


The Spectre Mobile

El Mac Van in The Mission

Full Moon Sunset at The Sunset Water Reservoir.

19 08 2010

Full Moon Sunset at The Sunset Water Reservoir. 5

Full Moon Sunset at The Sunset Water Reservoir. 1

Full Moon Sunset at The Sunset Water Reservoir. 2

I took these pictures sometime last year during a spectacular Full Moon to the east that was clearly visible as the sun set to the west. It was a really unique and gorgeous day that I proceeded to completely forget about. Now that I’m in the process of swapping out iMacs I find myself stumbling across all of these forgotten pictures that I never got around to posting.

I really dig this spot. This is my Tower of Power. The Sunset Water Reservoir is easily one of the top 5 locations to watch the sunset in San Francisco. It also has a really unique and priceless view of the western SF skyline, yet most of the time it’s half empty if not completely deserted.

Full Moon Sunset at The Sunset Water Reservoir. 7


Walking Over to The Sunset Water Reservoir During Sunset.

The Outer Sunset Has Some Killer Views.

Holy Fraggle Rock, Batman!

5 08 2010

Holy Fraggle Rock Batman!!

Holy Fraggle Rock Batman!

If goldfish ever ruled the earth I would imagine they would live in little suburban units like these two.

“That STILL don’t match!”

28 07 2010

So I was making fun of this house a few weeks ago.

The Spirit of Carville still lives on. Ocean Beach, Outer Sunset SF 5

Lord knows why anyone would think it’s a good idea to build a wood shingle kind of room on top of a sickly green colored room and call it a house, but hey. It’s a free country. I had a nice chuckle at my neighbors expense and then went on about my business.

Then while taking a new way home the other day I discovered this guy.

That STILL don’t match!

One house with a wood shingle kind of room built on top of a sickly green colored room and I can chalk that up to the actions of a lone nut.

But TWO houses with a wood shingle kind of room built on top of a sickly green colored room, both just a few blocks away from each other?

Now we’re talking about a conspiracy.

The Flowlab Skateboard by Mike Simonian in collaboration with Pieter Schouten.

27 07 2010

Photo courtesy of Mike&Maaike

I’m still a big fan of all the skating pictures + videos in The Outer Sunset with those signature loud and tacky colors in the background. This is my home.


Lords of Sunset

Longboarding in The Outer Sunset.

“These movies we make, they can be better. They can help, they really can. I’m gonna keep trying, if you guys keep trying. Let’s keep rockin’ and rollin’, man!”

6 07 2010

Dirk Diggler succulent on Ortega Street. 1

Amazing succulent on Ortega Street with junk the length of a telephone pole bursting through the ubiquitous cobweb of overhead electrical lines.


Horny Succulents

Snake in The Eagle’s Shadow Succulent.

Reaching out for something to hold. Looking for a love where the climate is cold. Smoking guns hot to the touch. Would cool down if we didn’t use them so much. We’re soul alone and soul really matters to me.

22 06 2010

OK. Here’s my pitch –

Morgan Freeman is this ninja cyborg from a dystopian future where angry whales rule the world. He had his arm bit off by a dolphin in Vietnam and now he spends his time as a private investigator in Hawaii where he devotes one hour each week to having adventures and helping people with their problems. Ernest Borgnine is this one eyed, salt of the earth, sailor type that’s the Higgins of the team.

Oh! And it’s animated too! But in this retro Heavy Metal meets Yellow Submarine psychedelic style.


Now put that on my car.

morgan freeman 1

magnum pi 3

I’m just going to keep parking my magnum opus on your block till Hollywood starts returning my calls.


Burning Life Aquatic Man.

You play with words, you play with love. You can twist it around baby that aint enough cause girl I’m gonna know, If you’re letting me in or letting me go don’t lie, when you’re hurting inside, cause you can’t escape my…

The Choose Your Own Adventure Bus