The Outer Sunset Has Some Killer Views.

21 03 2009

Grand View Park 1

That hill with the trees to the left of Sutro Tower is Grand View Park and is one of the hidden gems of San Francisco.

Technically, it’s more in the Inner Sunset’s jurisdiction but I have this whole Outer Sunset url and Outer Sunset theme going on right now so I’m going to give it some air time anyway.

I love the job they did on the stairs too.

Grand View Park 3

Grand View Park 4

Grand View Park 5

Grand View Park 6

Grand View Park 7

Grand View Park 8

What looks like an empty parking lot to the left is the Sunset reservoir, it’s one of my favorite places to watch the sunset. You can easily see it on a sunny day as the giant empty parking lot in the South West part of the city whenever you’re flying in or out of San Francisco.

I also love those wide streets that just fall into the ocean.

The streets of The Outer Sunset are a skater’s paradise and sunny days like this make it all worthwhile.



2 responses

23 03 2009

wow. I admit it’s hard to beat SF on a sunny day. dig the mosaic stairs dude! I just had a groovy mosaic adventure myself.

27 04 2014
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The Outer Sunset Has Some Killer Views. | The Outer Sunset

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