Michael Bolger is really good at getting laid off.

…and I really don’t have a problem with that.

Sunday Streets in The Outer Sunset. August 9th, 2009. FREE. 2

It’s amazing how much of your life you trade in when you agree to work & commute 50 + hours a week.

It’s amazing how many more hours there are in the day and things to do when you’re not working & commuting 50 + hours a week.

I have the chance to take a year off and explore the neighborhood and the city that I love just as we enter the next great depression.

Go somewhere new everyday. Do something different every day.

Game on.

10 responses

30 03 2009

enjoyed your site…………….sent to me by a friend currently living in SF. Keep it up~

23 05 2009
Matthew Silva

I really like the blog. If you’d like to get to know the neighborhood a bit more, you might be interested in a project I’m working on to start a park group at South Sunset Playground (on 40th Ave and Vicente). Send me an email at msilva@sfnpc.org or 415-621-3260 if you want to chat about it. Check out the blog I created for the park group in the meantime http://www.sfnpc.org/blog/southsunset


4 06 2009

You are a great photographer. Fantastic pictures, would make a nice coffee table book. Love, Mom

29 09 2009

I came across your blog when I was doing an image search. It’s making me miss California quite a bit. The architecture, travel, all of it–it’s exactly what I want to read. Oddly enough, you even have a post about one of my company’s customers. Thank you

8 04 2010

you have a natural talent and a great eye for unique art and diversity. i am proud to have you as my older brother. you have, and continue, to inspire me. i look forward to seeing you soon… 🙂

10 04 2010

This makes me miss San Francisco so much. The composition, lighting, and angles make your pictures so much better than other picture. Hope your having fun 🙂

9 06 2010

This makes me miss San Francisco so much. The composition, lighting, and angles make your pictures so much better than other picture. Hope your having fun

7 02 2011

Hello, Fun site! I was wondering if you took submissions for events, and how might I contact you for that? Thanks so much!

7 02 2011
Michael Bolger

Hey Beth,

Thanks for the interest and saying Hello. It’s weird, but ever since I’ve been on sabbatical from blogging I’ve had more people ask about submissions or collaborations then when I was writing on a regular basis. A much better resource for Sunset event submissions would be oceanbeachbulletin.com since they’re updated on a regular basis like a real website. Thanks and take care –


9 04 2012
Piers Hemphill

Hi Michael,

We are currently writing a book and are very eager to get our hands on some images of the Critical Mass events in San Francisco. Could you please email me asap for more info.


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