Holy Fraggle Rock, Batman!

5 08 2010

Holy Fraggle Rock Batman!!

Holy Fraggle Rock Batman!

If goldfish ever ruled the earth I would imagine they would live in little suburban units like these two.



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19 08 2010

You’re a funny person 😀 (with a good sense of observation)

7 02 2011
St. Taraval

I painted my house in the PNW that top color scheme. Ten years ago. Though the terra cotta roof tile has to go.

Nasturtium and Fir, the colors were called. It was supposed to look Finnish as washed through Nippon. It came out more like Yellow-Hat-Buddhist-Moomin with a serotonin deficiency.

IOW perfect for the PNW.

Extra points for it being hated by suburbanite yuppies who bought in at the price peak!

18 04 2011

Hi there,

Thanks for posting these interesting pics 🙂 I live in the area myself, and am interested in photographing these homes, especially the yellow one, for a school project. Pray tell which street these homes are on? Would really appreciate it =)

19 04 2011
Michael Bolger

These were out by the beach, the yellow one was on Ulloa (I think)

Just go to the beach and then zig-zag your way up and down the various streets. The closer you are to the beach the weirder the houses get.

20 04 2011

Much appreciated =) I’ll start jogging by to check it out… Have been doing the zig-zags a bit further north, and you’re right – they get weirder as they get closer to the beach =)

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