KAGE 8K43806 & 5N75030

2 07 2010

No time for love Dr. Jones

No time for love Dr. Jones2

KAGE 5N75030

That KAGE kid really gets around and has got a pretty firm handle on his brand identity.

UPDATE # 1 Cryptomail just alerted me to Vampire KAGE 8D20353 over here

Excellent! If anyone else has anymore sightings that they would like to share please let me know in the comments section.



5 responses

15 07 2010

May I add 8D20353 to your collection?
Spotted: Kelley’s Cove Safeway.

15 07 2010
Michael Bolger

Awesome! Vampire KAGE!

Thanks for sharing.

21 08 2010
Ocean Beach Bulletin

I saw one a few months back on an old coastal-defense bunker that had eroded out of the cliff near Fort Funston and fallen onto the beach below. If I can find the pics I’ll send them your way. -TP

8 09 2010
Sophie Jane

Funny tag, I wonder who the person is behind it? Looks like it’s from one of those Asian cartoon characters (Amime and Manga).

19 10 2010

Kage is getting around.
Love his style, not on a uhaul this time, and a little adulterated due to entropy/graf detritus… but that’s that 🙂

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