Full Moon Sunset at The Sunset Water Reservoir.

19 08 2010

Full Moon Sunset at The Sunset Water Reservoir. 5

Full Moon Sunset at The Sunset Water Reservoir. 1

Full Moon Sunset at The Sunset Water Reservoir. 2

I took these pictures sometime last year during a spectacular Full Moon to the east that was clearly visible as the sun set to the west. It was a really unique and gorgeous day that I proceeded to completely forget about. Now that I’m in the process of swapping out iMacs I find myself stumbling across all of these forgotten pictures that I never got around to posting.

I really dig this spot. This is my Tower of Power. The Sunset Water Reservoir is easily one of the top 5 locations to watch the sunset in San Francisco. It also has a really unique and priceless view of the western SF skyline, yet most of the time it’s half empty if not completely deserted.

Full Moon Sunset at The Sunset Water Reservoir. 7


Walking Over to The Sunset Water Reservoir During Sunset.

The Outer Sunset Has Some Killer Views.

Yes. Yes, it is.

8 05 2009

Recurrent Energy Sunset Water Reservoir

The Sunset Water Reservoir Before It Becomes the Largest Municipal Solar Generating Project in The Country.

24 04 2009

If you’re ever flying around San Francisco on a sunny day look down at the giant empty parking lot in the southwest corner of the city. You can’t miss it. Giant empty parking lot. No cars. That’s the top of the Sunset Water Reservoir which has got one of the best views of the sunset and may soon be the largest municipal solar generating project in the country.

The city is brokering deals with a private company, Recurrent Energy, to spend up to $40 million dollars and put in 12 football fields of solar panels by next year. It’s a pretty ambitious project and a great use of a giant empty parking lot that’s just been soaking up sun anyway.

Here’s what the Sunset Water Reservoir looks like today.

It will be interesting to see what the project looks like when it’s done.

Sunset Water Reservoir solar panel 1

Sunset Water Reservoir solar panel 2

Sunset Water Reservoir solar panel 3

Sunset Water Reservoir solar panel 5

Walking Over to The Sunset Water Reservoir During Sunset.

24 04 2009

Sunset Water Reservoir  102

Sunset Water Reservoir  100

Sunset Water Reservoir  103

Sunset Water Reservoir  106

Sunset Water Reservoir  109

Sunset Water Reservoir  114

Sunset Water Reservoir  115

This has got to be one of my favorite landmarks and one of the best places to catch the Sunset.

Sunset Water Reservoir 105

Normally it’s pretty windy up here, but during the heat wave earlier this week everyone was just wearing shorts and a shirt. You didn’t even need a jacket.

Sunset Water Reservoir  112

Sunset Water Reservoir  113

Sunset Water Reservoir  116

I actually like the 10 minutes or so after the sun has set the most. That’s when on some days Mother Nature puts on a Pink Floyd caliber light show; it really brings out the colors in the skies.

Sunset Water Reservoir  117

Sunset Water Reservoir 119

I love the urban sunsets; that changing of the guard as the natural light of God is clocking out for the day and the artificial man-made lights are starting to wake up for their shift. It’s easy to forget about them during the day or night, but during those few moments of transition between day and night the light really brings out all of the urban wiring of the city. Living under all that spider web of cables and wires it sometimes feels like all of San Francisco is some lost pirate ship.