Walking Over to The Sunset Water Reservoir During Sunset.

24 04 2009

Sunset Water Reservoir  102

Sunset Water Reservoir  100

Sunset Water Reservoir  103

Sunset Water Reservoir  106

Sunset Water Reservoir  109

Sunset Water Reservoir  114

Sunset Water Reservoir  115

This has got to be one of my favorite landmarks and one of the best places to catch the Sunset.

Sunset Water Reservoir 105

Normally it’s pretty windy up here, but during the heat wave earlier this week everyone was just wearing shorts and a shirt. You didn’t even need a jacket.

Sunset Water Reservoir  112

Sunset Water Reservoir  113

Sunset Water Reservoir  116

I actually like the 10 minutes or so after the sun has set the most. That’s when on some days Mother Nature puts on a Pink Floyd caliber light show; it really brings out the colors in the skies.

Sunset Water Reservoir  117

Sunset Water Reservoir 119

I love the urban sunsets; that changing of the guard as the natural light of God is clocking out for the day and the artificial man-made lights are starting to wake up for their shift. It’s easy to forget about them during the day or night, but during those few moments of transition between day and night the light really brings out all of the urban wiring of the city. Living under all that spider web of cables and wires it sometimes feels like all of San Francisco is some lost pirate ship.



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8 05 2009

Gorgeous pics! Well done sir!

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