The Spectre Mobile

23 06 2009

The Spectre Van 1

The Spectre Van 2

The Spectre Van 3

The Spectre is a somewhat obscure reference, especially if you’re not familiar with DC comics, so this piece scores a few fanboy points for that fact alone.

If I was thinking of doing a “GO GREEN” theme from an aesthetic standpoint I probably would have gone with the Green Lantern Corps.

If I was thinking of doing a “GO GREEN” piece from an environmental perspective I definitely would have gone with Swamp Thing.

But putting a vengeance god in your piece changes the whole tone of “GO GREEN”

That’s not so much a suggestion anymore as it is a threat. When the Spirit of Vengeance, the deity that works as The Supreme Being’s hitman, the guy that guards the gates to Hell, has battles with archangels in Heaven, and just murdered Shazam is saying “GO GREEN” then you probably want to obey that command.



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