“These movies we make, they can be better. They can help, they really can. I’m gonna keep trying, if you guys keep trying. Let’s keep rockin’ and rollin’, man!”

6 07 2010

Dirk Diggler succulent on Ortega Street. 1

Amazing succulent on Ortega Street with junk the length of a telephone pole bursting through the ubiquitous cobweb of overhead electrical lines.


Horny Succulents

Snake in The Eagle’s Shadow Succulent.

The Brass Tax. FREE party in Golden Gate Park.

4 06 2009

The Brass Tax free party in Golden Gate Park 2

The Brass Tax free party in Golden Gate Park 1

The Brass Tax free party in Golden Gate Park 3

The Brass Tax free party in Golden Gate Park 10

The Brass Tax free party in Golden Gate Park 15

There were lots of kids, lots of dogs, and lots of booze at the BTxGGPPwBC3 party this last Saturday.

The Brass Tax free party in Golden Gate Park 4

I also stumbled upon what has got to be the largest colony of succulents that I’ve ever seen in one spot.

The Brass Tax free party in Golden Gate Park 5

There was a shrine set up for Otto Schutt who passed away recently from cancer.

I love his taste in fashion, as is evident in his hoodie.

The Brass Tax free party in Golden Gate Park 13


Great footage by Mr. Holehead of the BrassTax Boom Box at Burning Man 2009

I love it when DJs have a sense of humor.

Snake in The Eagle’s Shadow Succulent.

24 04 2009

Snake in The Eagle’s Shadow Succulent 7

Horny Succulents on 420.

22 04 2009

Horny Succulents on 420 24

Horny Succulents on 420  23

Horny Succulents on 420  22

Horny Succulents on 420 21

Horny Succulents on 420 20

Horny Succulents

7 03 2009

horny succulent 3

While walking home from Safeway today I noticed that some of my neighbors succulents were in heat so I took some pictures.

horny succuent 1

horny succulent 2

If I was in charge of designing a futuristic alien type city and wanted it to feel more organic than Lando’s cloud city of Bespin or the Ewoks Endor village, I would base my blueprints off of succulents in heat. They have these great towers and then there’s all this detail in the head of the flower as it starts to bloom.

horny succulent 4

Where the N Judah meets the Pacific Ocean.

20 02 2009


Normally it’s really foggy and overcast in The Sunset, especially by the beach. However, with the exception of the recent storms, the weather lately has been fucking amazing. Sunny, with mid-to-high 70s, and a light off shore breeze. It’s every Southern Californian fantasy of every Beach Boys song rolled into a single glorious afternoon. And this is our winter. Let’s hear it for global warming!

I just recently rediscovered the N Judah bus stop at Ocean Beach and fell in love with it. This has got to be my favorite bus stop in the city.

What a great day not to be chained down to a cubicle.





Love the thorny succulents with flowers. Nice touch.


I love succulents.

18 02 2009


These guys are my favorite plants. Succulents are survivors. They don’t bitch. They’re not high maintenance. You don’t even have to water then. You just stick succulents into the earth and not only do they grow, but they dominate. Sometimes over each other.


These plants are indigenous to The Outer Sunset. And in the spring they grow these enormous erections. They’re like the John Holmes of the plant kingdom. Large and in charge. What’s not to love?

erect succulent

Several years ago I was using what few days I had of my vacation time to find a new roommate and do some home improvement projects. Winnie and I saw a commercial for a Wednesday sale at Mervyns and decided on a spur of the moment to go buy some clothes. Other couples spend their vacations in Hawaii or Las Vegas. Winnie and I tool around the house and go party at Mervyns. We were being broke years before it was trendy…

Normally I can see my car from my living room, but it was a no parking day and I left the Saturn a block away. Winnie and I were walking down a street that we normally never would have, when we looked over and saw that one of our neighbors had his compost receptacle out and it was OVERFLOWING with these fresh cut succulents. It was amazing. We scrapped the Mervyns plan in a heartbeat. Instead, we grabbed as many succulents as we could carry and then trafficked the unwanted plants back to my place. And then went back for more. It took about 3 trips to get them all back. We planted what we could and then went to Home Depot to buy pots and soil for the rest.

Fast forward a few years later and Mervyns is now one of the more vicious casualties of this death spiral economy. Mervyns did not pay out unused vacation days to their laid off employees and even froze their 401K. Fucking scandalous. Mervyns is dead and gone but the succulents are still dominating their environment. I love these plants.