The N Judah Proletariat Blues

10 09 2009

The N Judah Proletariat Blues 1

The N Judah Proletariat Blues 2


Noticed that the artist has since added his signature tag.

The N Judah Proletariat Blues 7

The N Judah Proletariat Blues 11

Where the N Judah meets the Pacific Ocean.

20 02 2009


Normally it’s really foggy and overcast in The Sunset, especially by the beach. However, with the exception of the recent storms, the weather lately has been fucking amazing. Sunny, with mid-to-high 70s, and a light off shore breeze. It’s every Southern Californian fantasy of every Beach Boys song rolled into a single glorious afternoon. And this is our winter. Let’s hear it for global warming!

I just recently rediscovered the N Judah bus stop at Ocean Beach and fell in love with it. This has got to be my favorite bus stop in the city.

What a great day not to be chained down to a cubicle.





Love the thorny succulents with flowers. Nice touch.