So that Einstein throwing dice piece on Upper Haight from a few weeks ago might not have been a Banksy after all.

29 06 2010

I remember there was some debate at the time whether or not that Einstein throwing dice stencil on Upper Haight from a few weeks ago was really done by Banksy. It was a really beautifully executed piece that seemed to jive with Banksy’s wit and it materialized during a period when the British street artist was passing through town and did several other high profile pieces in San Francisco. However, it wasn’t featured on his site, which led to some speculation that the stencil might have been done by someone else.

I’m still receiving traffic on a daily basis from search engines looking for “Banksy Einstein Haight” so I don’t know if it’s in my best interest to clarify that debate, especially since that Einstein stencil lasted less than a week before being painted over and some of Banksy’s original pieces have sold for over half a million dollars so I feel like I captured something that’s unique and priceless.

But I just discovered that there’s a new stencil at that same location.

Not Banksy Thinker on Upper Haight

Auguste Rodin’s The Thinker on his porcelain throne? That’s a great mashup of highbrow and lowbrow culture.

Does anyone know who is the artist of this piece? If so, please let me know in the comments. I love his or her style and sense of humor.

No Time For Love, Dr. Jones!

12 03 2010

No time for love Dr. Jones

I was tooling around Chinatown a few weeks ago when I came across this van and liked the way it had positioned itself in Chinatown.

Then I was coming home from school the other day when I noticed these stencils on the side of the Noriega St. Safeway.

No time for love Dr. Jones2

It’s like if Batman were a tagger and drove the Batmobile all around town just leaving Batman stencils wherever he fought crime …or made a grocery delivery.

The N Judah Proletariat Blues

10 09 2009

The N Judah Proletariat Blues 1

The N Judah Proletariat Blues 2


Noticed that the artist has since added his signature tag.

The N Judah Proletariat Blues 7

The N Judah Proletariat Blues 11