420 Party at Stafford Lake. 1997. FREE

4 05 2009

Salad Days 9

Salad Days 10

This was one of the first big free massives at Stafford Lake. Sunset would later put the spot to good use by throwing their equinox parties there, throwing sometimes up to three parties per season up by the lake. It’s really amazing that we’ve been able to use this spot for 12+ years now. Not only have we not been kicked out yet but we’re actually on good terms with some of the park rangers and locals.

I discovered this flyer while digitizing another shoebox of old flyers and realized that the Stafford Lake debut party was also the day after this free party in Golden Gate Park.


What an epic line up and great era from free parties in the Bay Area.

Horny Succulents on 420.

22 04 2009

Horny Succulents on 420 24

Horny Succulents on 420  23

Horny Succulents on 420  22

Horny Succulents on 420 21

Horny Succulents on 420 20

Hippy Hill on 420. FREE

21 04 2009

Hippy Hill on 420 1

Hippy Hill on 420 2

Hippy Hill on 420 3

Hippy Hill on 420 4

Hippy Hill on 420 5

Hippy Hill on 420 6

Hippy Hill on 420 7

Hippy Hill on 420 8

Hippy Hill on 420 9

Hippy Hill on 420 10

Hippy Hill on 420 12

Hippy Hill on 420 13

Hippy Hill on 420 14

Hippy Hill on 420 16

Hippy Hill on 420 17

Hippy Hill on 420 18

Hippy Hill on 420 19

Hippy Hill on 420 15-tr

It was a gorgeous low-90s heat-wave day yesterday and the entire teenage wasteland nation was scrambling for shade, like Burning Man at high noon.

There was this great dog that was sitting down next to me. Every now and then it would lift its head, close its eyes, and just sniff out whatever smoke trail was drifting within its vicinity. I was watching him do that for a few minutes before going over and talking to the dog’s owner.

“I just wanted to say you’ve got a great dog. I don’t know if you noticed, but she’s doing this cute thing where she closes her eyes, lifts her head up, and is able to sniff any smoke trail that comes next to her.”

And the dog’s owner said “Oh, that’s because she’s blind.”

And I felt like the biggest dick in the park.

But her owner was super nice and explained that she came down with glycomia when she was two and now five years later she’s still doing fine. She’s been able to survive in the city just relying on her other senses. That’s amazing. There’s such an onslaught of audio overload in the city, even on blocks where there isn’t any construction. And then you can go from that to secluded park life where it’s quiet and peaceful, then turn the corner and you’re on 19th Ave, which is basically a freeway with stoplights and bus stops. Being able to survive without your sight in this city is amazing.

Hippy Hill on 420 11

Nice meeting you, Daredevil Dog.

You are by far the most unique soul that I met on 420.