The Flowlab Skateboard by Mike Simonian in collaboration with Pieter Schouten.

27 07 2010

Photo courtesy of Mike&Maaike

I’m still a big fan of all the skating pictures + videos in The Outer Sunset with those signature loud and tacky colors in the background. This is my home.


Lords of Sunset

Longboarding in The Outer Sunset.

Lords Of Sunset

23 03 2009

Lords Of Sunset. 3

Lords Of Sunset. 1

I love the wide-open streets of The Sunset. I know that bugs some people who argue that we could easily put in a median divider with trees but I like it just the way it is. Maybe it’s because the rest of the city is already too claustrophobic. Maybe it’s because all the SUVs that we’re building these days are too big for those streets anyway. I love these wide-open, super-sized streets of The Sunset that just fall out into the beach or just fall off a cliff.

Lords Of Sunset. 2

It also makes for some killer skating videos. I discovered this one directed by Matt Stanley the other day. I love all the loud tacky colored homes in the background; the bright lime florescent green house just a few feet down from the Pepto-Bismol florescent pink house. It feels like it could be the backdrop to a cheap 1980’s video game, but we really do live like this out here.