You play with words, you play with love. You can twist it around baby that aint enough cause girl I’m gonna know, If you’re letting me in or letting me go don’t lie, when you’re hurting inside, cause you can’t escape my…

22 06 2009

Hall and Oats mobile 1

There are few really neat graffiti vans and art cars that are indigenous to the Outer Sunset. We have all of these great curbs along Golden Gate Park or Sunset Boulevard that don’t have driveways so it’s the perfect habitat for larger vehicles.

Here’s one that I’ve come to known as the Hall and Oats mobile.

It’s always standing guard and keeping a watchful eye on Noriega Street.

Hall and Oats mobile 2

Hall and Oats mobile 7

Hall and Oats mobile 11

Hall and Oats mobile 22



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