Tsunami Warnings of The Outer Sunset.

3 12 2009

Great picture of last week’s high surf advisory courtesy of George Nikitin

I love that image of those Outer Sunset homes standing their ground and staring down those 25 – 30 foot waves.

Not only is The Outer Sunset built on sand dunes and the San Andreas fault line… which is really not that great a combination when you think about it.

Not only is The Outer Sunset on some days pretty much a tropical rainforest ecosystem….everyone is all “Save the Rainforest! Save the Rainforest!” OK. Try living in a tropical rainforest kind of neighborhood where you have to bleach the walls on a regular basis to kill the mold and the fog is eating your car alive every night. There are days that the news is all about “Watch out for that heat-wave that’s scorching the Bay Area” and I look outside my window and all I can see is Jack the Ripper era London fog.

Not only that, but we also have the threat of Tsunamis. Right here in San Francisco.

Tsunami Warnings of The Outer Sunset. 1

So in case there’s a Tsunami you want to run in this direction.

Hint, it’s in the direction directly opposite from the beach.

I love this sign too.

Tsunami Warnings of The Outer Sunset. 3

Because it’s San Francisco everyone looks like they are safe.

Now if this were San Diego the adult stick figures would be making a mad dash to the top and in the process dislocating the child’s arm.

I love this neighborhood.


The Outer Sunset Has FREE Curbside Parking Right By The Beach.



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25 06 2010
Amee Masotti

I have tried to leave a comment on this blog and each time I try it refreshes the screen or gives an error. Do you think the writer possibly check into why it keeps messing up?

25 06 2010
Michael Bolger

For some reason WordPress keeps flagging your posts as spam before I even see it. Weird.

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