Einstein Throwing That Dice by Banksy. Upper Haight, San Francisco.

14 05 2010

Einstein Throwing That Dice by Banksy. Upper Haight, San Francisco 17

God does not play dice with The Universe, but I’ve been known to throw the bones here and there.

How much money you got on you, Son?

I saw this on the way to school yesterday and immediately jumped off the 71 to snag a picture.

At first I was a little upset that the late afternoon shadows were creeping in on my picture, but now that I crop it, I really like those shadows. Each one is unique.

And then less than a week later it was painted over.


I am a man who will fight for your honor. I’ll be the hero you’re dreaming of. We’re gonna live forever, knowing together that we did it all for the glory of love.

The N Judah Proletariat Blues

Three Heads Six Arms by Zhang Huan. Opening Reception: May 12, 2010. Civic Center, San Francisco. FREE.

13 05 2010

Zhang Huan’s Three Heads Six Arms 1

Zhang Huan’s Three Heads Six Arms 7

Speaking of Buddhas making a home for themselves in San Francisco …

Civic Center is a weirdo magnet. There aren’t as many homeless squatters as when I first moved here, the majority of them have migrated upstream to the United Nations Plaza, but Civic Center still remains a weirdo magnet.

And Civic Center is also ground zero for various parties and political rallies over the year. There’s Love Fest which brings in some 100,000 people, and Pride next month which brings in some one million people and is one of the largest outdoor festivals on the West Coast.

Hopefully my new buddy here, Three Heads Six Arms, will survive unmolested during his stay here.

I’m already looking forward to what kind of party and protest pictures he will appear in 2010 – 2011.

How Weird Festival. San Francisco. Mother’s Day, 2010.

10 05 2010

How Weird Festival 2010 7

How Weird Festival 2010 2

 How Weird Festival 2010 1

How Weird Festival 2010 3

How Weird Festival 2010 6

Man, a lot of San Francisco DJs sure have a Buddhism fetish.

If I was any kind of Eastern religious deity I would make a home for myself in San Francisco and just let the party come to me.


How Weird Street Fair. 2006 and 2008. San Francisco. $5-$10 Donation Block Party.

Sunset Season Opener at Stafford Lake. April 25, 2010. FREE.

26 04 2010

Sunset 2010 Season Opener at Stafford Lake 1

What a glorious day in the park.

I took the Transported SF bus to Stafford Lake again and I think I’m committed to this relationship.

As long as this bus is going to Sunset I will be on it.

It was really interesting to be part of a dance floor experience that traveled down Mission St at golf cart speeds to confused looks from the locals, take flight down the open highway, and then come down for a landing in the outskirts of Novato to one of the greatest free massives the West Coast has to offer.

We touched down at 2PM and there was easily more than a thousand people already there with hundreds more marching in over the horizon like an invading army. It was epic.

There’s already several videos online but I like this one courtesy of chrislrosa because I think it’s great that we live in an era where less than 24 hours after any major event you can find video footage of yourself online filmed by a stranger. Watch out for those flying elbows, Mike.

It’s interesting to think of life in the underground as a neverending adventure. Everyone has a different story to tell and there are certain events that are chaos magnets, they pull thousands of different stories to one place in time and weave hundreds of loose ends together to form the background of your story, which in turn is just the background to someone else’s story, all sharing the same soundtrack to that day.

Everyday in the underground is like a new episode of LOST.


Sunset. FREE Party on Treasure Island.

If There’s Something Inside That You Wanna Say, Say It Out Loud, It’ll Be Okay. I Will Be Your Light. I Will Be Your Light. I Will Be Your Light. I Will Be Your Light.

11 04 2010

dry the rain 2

Upper Haight, SF.

Every time I see this geisha street art piece I think of the Beta Band classic, Dry The Rain.

It’s the perfect mood to go with rainy Sundays like today.

Hey Lady, You Might Want To Invest In Some Brakes For Your Bicycle. They Sure Come in Handy When You’re Riding Around With Firearms.

10 04 2010

My other gun is a bike 1. jpg

My other gun is a bike 2

Lower Haight, SF.

10th Annual Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race. Easter Sunday, 2010. San Francisco. FREE.

8 04 2010

Photo courtesy of Douglas Zimmerman

I usually have a lot of fun checking out the BYOBW race every year, but it has been raining sporadically these past few weeks and I’m old and cranky. It takes a lot for me to get out of the house these days, especially on a wet Sunday.

Fortunately my good friend Doug made it out and took some great pictures.

Such is the glory of the Internet. You never have to leave your house anymore and can still live the event vicariously through your computer.

Man, I think there’s a good chance that Sunset at Stafford Lake is going to get rained in this Sunday. Although if we pool our collective energies and prayers of restitution together, we might still be able to pull off a miracle. We’ll see.

32nd Annual Saint Stupid Day Parade. April Fools Day, 2010. San Francisco. FREE.

2 04 2010

Saint Stupid Day Parade. April Fools Day, 2010. San Francisco 3

Saint Stupid Day Parade. April Fools Day, 2010. San Francisco 4

Saint Stupid Day Parade. April Fools Day, 2010. San Francisco 9

Saint Stupid Day Parade. April Fools Day, 2010. San Francisco  6

Saint Stupid Day Parade. April Fools Day, 2010. San Francisco 23

Saint Stupid Day Parade. April Fools Day, 2010. San Francisco 13

Saint Stupid Day Parade. April Fools Day, 2010. San Francisco 11

Saint Stupid Day Parade. April Fools Day, 2010. San Francisco 17

Saint Stupid Day Parade. April Fools Day, 2010. San Francisco 29

Man, I took such better pictures last year

Sorry about that, folks. What can I say?

Sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you don’t.

On the way back home I passed by the Conservatory of Flowers which had a lot of life for a random Thursday afternoon.

I love that we all have our own little rituals in SF.

Each of us have our regular hangouts, domiciles, and favorite temporary autonomous zones.

Some of them are once a week, others are once a year, and some of them are even once every 13 years. It’s a pretty amazing culture…

Sundays in Golden Gate Park

29 03 2010

It’s amazing how much fun you can have for free in this giant multi-billion dollar back yard.

Sundays in the park really do make it all worthwhile.

It’s neat how skaters can power up like that. That’s a move you’d normally see superheroes do right before they switch into their uniforms to go fight crime. The superhero analogy works really well with a lot of the park regulars. D has been throwing Skatin’ Place for over 30 years (!) now in Golden Gate Park and a lot of the regulars have their own unique look and signature moves.

People watching on a sunny day is like channel surfing.

Everyone’s body language is telling a different story.

D has excellent taste in music, as is evident in this special 6 hour version of Rapper’s Delight. Seriously. This song went on forever. It was the perfect soundtrack to a perfect day in the park.

Now it’s just a day later and the weather is crappy and overcast. Weird how bi-polar Mother Nature can be out here. It’s funny also how if she’s in a good mood she’ll save the sunny days for the weekend and then dump the crappy days on the start of the work week.

You must grab as many of those sunny days in the park as you can.

That’s an imperative to your urban survival.


Local San Francisco architect Glenn Robert Lym just released an amazing documentary on the history of Golden Gate Park.

How weird, there used to be a public park on where now stands Kink. I had no idea.

How even weirder to think that a good chunk of Golden Gate Park was created and maintained just an excuse for the bourgeoisie, like that psycho motherfucker De Young , to show off all of his toys.

And there was a temporary artsy type Disney Land on the west end of Golden Gate Park that looked like Burning Man at night? How odd.

How weird to think of Golden Gate Park as not only this battleground between the proletariat and bourgeoisie, but also an organic, man-made artifact that both sides have kept alive for generations.

I’m not sure if it’s a battle where only one side can win, all I can testify too is the fact that you can be broke and still have a whole world of fun in Golden Gate Park.


Skatin’ Place at Burning Man 2001 – 2002

Oh, oh, and I almost forgot. Ahh, I’m also gonna need you to go ahead and come in on Sunday, too…

27 03 2010

Because its die muthafucka, die muthafucka still fool 1

Because its die muthafucka, die muthafucka still fool 2

It took me a while to source it, but I believe this stencil is from the classic printer beat-down scene in Office Space. I really love how it plays off the colors in this mural.

As seen on the Seventh Letter Crew + Boost Mobile mural in SF.