Three Heads Six Arms by Zhang Huan. Opening Reception: May 12, 2010. Civic Center, San Francisco. FREE.

13 05 2010

Zhang Huan’s Three Heads Six Arms 1

Zhang Huan’s Three Heads Six Arms 7

Speaking of Buddhas making a home for themselves in San Francisco …

Civic Center is a weirdo magnet. There aren’t as many homeless squatters as when I first moved here, the majority of them have migrated upstream to the United Nations Plaza, but Civic Center still remains a weirdo magnet.

And Civic Center is also ground zero for various parties and political rallies over the year. There’s Love Fest which brings in some 100,000 people, and Pride next month which brings in some one million people and is one of the largest outdoor festivals on the West Coast.

Hopefully my new buddy here, Three Heads Six Arms, will survive unmolested during his stay here.

I’m already looking forward to what kind of party and protest pictures he will appear in 2010 – 2011.



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