Sunset Season Opener at Stafford Lake. April 25, 2010. FREE.

26 04 2010

Sunset 2010 Season Opener at Stafford Lake 1

What a glorious day in the park.

I took the Transported SF bus to Stafford Lake again and I think I’m committed to this relationship.

As long as this bus is going to Sunset I will be on it.

It was really interesting to be part of a dance floor experience that traveled down Mission St at golf cart speeds to confused looks from the locals, take flight down the open highway, and then come down for a landing in the outskirts of Novato to one of the greatest free massives the West Coast has to offer.

We touched down at 2PM and there was easily more than a thousand people already there with hundreds more marching in over the horizon like an invading army. It was epic.

There’s already several videos online but I like this one courtesy of chrislrosa because I think it’s great that we live in an era where less than 24 hours after any major event you can find video footage of yourself online filmed by a stranger. Watch out for those flying elbows, Mike.

It’s interesting to think of life in the underground as a neverending adventure. Everyone has a different story to tell and there are certain events that are chaos magnets, they pull thousands of different stories to one place in time and weave hundreds of loose ends together to form the background of your story, which in turn is just the background to someone else’s story, all sharing the same soundtrack to that day.

Everyday in the underground is like a new episode of LOST.


Sunset. FREE Party on Treasure Island.



2 responses

27 04 2010

is this free like the Getty? free to go bit you pay for parking? it’s a good time to be at the park

27 04 2010
Michael Bolger

Park parking is $8, the Golden Gate bridge toll is $5 (or is that $6 now?) and depending on what you’re driving it’s around $5 worth of gas there and back, so the $20 that Transported SF is charging for a designated driver to take a bus to Novato and back is one of the best deals in town and the experience itself is priceless.

I was really on the fence about whether I should write about this or not. Part of me wants to keep it low profile and the other part of me wants to give credit where credit is due. We’ll see how that turns out.

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