Sundays in Golden Gate Park

29 03 2010

It’s amazing how much fun you can have for free in this giant multi-billion dollar back yard.

Sundays in the park really do make it all worthwhile.

It’s neat how skaters can power up like that. That’s a move you’d normally see superheroes do right before they switch into their uniforms to go fight crime. The superhero analogy works really well with a lot of the park regulars. D has been throwing Skatin’ Place for over 30 years (!) now in Golden Gate Park and a lot of the regulars have their own unique look and signature moves.

People watching on a sunny day is like channel surfing.

Everyone’s body language is telling a different story.

D has excellent taste in music, as is evident in this special 6 hour version of Rapper’s Delight. Seriously. This song went on forever. It was the perfect soundtrack to a perfect day in the park.

Now it’s just a day later and the weather is crappy and overcast. Weird how bi-polar Mother Nature can be out here. It’s funny also how if she’s in a good mood she’ll save the sunny days for the weekend and then dump the crappy days on the start of the work week.

You must grab as many of those sunny days in the park as you can.

That’s an imperative to your urban survival.


Local San Francisco architect Glenn Robert Lym just released an amazing documentary on the history of Golden Gate Park.

How weird, there used to be a public park on where now stands Kink. I had no idea.

How even weirder to think that a good chunk of Golden Gate Park was created and maintained just an excuse for the bourgeoisie, like that psycho motherfucker De Young , to show off all of his toys.

And there was a temporary artsy type Disney Land on the west end of Golden Gate Park that looked like Burning Man at night? How odd.

How weird to think of Golden Gate Park as not only this battleground between the proletariat and bourgeoisie, but also an organic, man-made artifact that both sides have kept alive for generations.

I’m not sure if it’s a battle where only one side can win, all I can testify too is the fact that you can be broke and still have a whole world of fun in Golden Gate Park.


Skatin’ Place at Burning Man 2001 – 2002



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