If There’s Something Inside That You Wanna Say, Say It Out Loud, It’ll Be Okay. I Will Be Your Light. I Will Be Your Light. I Will Be Your Light. I Will Be Your Light.

11 04 2010

dry the rain 2

Upper Haight, SF.

Every time I see this geisha street art piece I think of the Beta Band classic, Dry The Rain.

It’s the perfect mood to go with rainy Sundays like today.

Windows of Opportunity on The Upper Haight.

12 11 2009

Windows of Opportunity on The Upper Haight

This neat robot mural was from a just a few years ago on the side of the Amoeba building, close to the sidewalk. It has since been covered over with a horrible cartoon-style thug. I’m not really a fan of those cartoon-style thug murals.

I like this piece a lot. The robot design is very simple but he has great character. I also love the colors in the background a lot. It brings out a really fresh contrast and is easy on the eyes.

But the best part of this pictures is the pose the littles are striking.

It’s that “I’ve HAD it with you! I can’t stand to look you in the face or even in the same direction anymore” body language. Total rock star picture. I remember thinking “C’mon guys. Who do you think you are, Oasis? It’s not that bad. I’m just took you to Amoeba and now we’re off to get some Fat Slice pizza. It’s not that bad.”

I love this picture. It’s one of my all time favorites. It personifies this idea that there are these windows of opportunity that you have with everything; murals, business, people. You have this window of opportunity that you think will last awhile and then in a heartbeat that moment is gone.

New Cole Street Smoke Shop Mural.

11 11 2009


I like it.

We could always use more images of strong females.

And she’s got a sword! Loves it!

Here’s the previous Cole Street Smoke Shop mural.

Old Cole Street Smoke Shop Mural 1

…which looks like it was painted by a 12 year old.

A zombie skelton kid with fresh Adidas just hanging around, spare-changing, and listening to a temple of doom boom box?

Uh, OK….

Not going to miss that mural at all.


cole st smoke shop mural 7

I like the patterns that they added to her kimono.

cole st smoke shop mural 11

And that part of her kimono is flowing out in the form of a green dragon.


Amazing Turk Street Mural by Mr. Maxx Moses

Ape Do Good Printing

Love on the Streets of San Francisco

15 07 2009

I kissed A Girl Stencil on Upper Haight

Large two color stencil found off of Upper Haight.

Haight-Ashbury Street Fair. 2009. FREE

16 06 2009

Haight Street Fair 2009 1

Haight Street Fair 2009 3

Haight Street Fair 2009 2

Haight Street Fair 2009 9

It’s been ages since I’ve checked out the Haight Street Fair, which is kind of odd considering I try and ride my bike to the Haight and back at least once a week so I’m somewhat of a regular on that street. We’ve had some great times here. Winnie went one year when Primus was playing and ended up hanging out with them in a local bar afterwards. I was there when DJ Tracy spun a set all day at Amoeba (The old raver store before the record store moved into the Bowling Alley) and then they locked the door and let the party go renegade after the Haight Street Fair ended.

We’ve both had good times there but lately I’ve just associated that block party with crowds and claustrophobia. I’m not sure what’s happened in the Bay Area, if there are more people here, more people going to events, or if it’s just my senile mind playing tricks on me. But it was a sunny day yesterday and my moods are a slave to the weather, so I decided to do the Haight-Ashbury Street Fair for the first time in over a decade.

Haight Street Fair 2009 12

This Mexican kid in the green shirt looked like he just walked out of a Jimmy Kimmel skit. This house was blasting Funkadelic records and the kid kept trying to crash the party. Without much success. Snoop Dogg looks happy to see me though.

Haight Street Fair 2009 10

Frank Chu was out on patrol.
We exchanged pleasantries and conspiracy theories.

The award for the third greatest rock shirt of the day goes to –

Haight Street Fair 2009 17

Misfits kid on Hippy Hill.

It’s the combination of the shirt, his antenna dreadlocks with the antenna goatee, the SF Giants hat, and the humpty-dance pose that makes it an all-around classic Haight street look.

Haight Street Fair 2009 23

The number two greatest rock shirt of the day goes to the 1991 Jane’s Addiction.

It was all pretty much a downhill ride from there, huh Perry?

If only all the rock shirts that I bought 18 years ago still fit me.

Haight Street Fair 2009 33

And the number one greatest rock shirt of the day goes to the straight edge dad with a kid in a stroller who zipped past me in a heartbeat.

I have no idea which band that is, but anyone wearing a California Straight Edge shirt and taking their kid out to the Haight Asbury Street Fair wins the contest, any contest, as far as I’m concerned.

Rosamunde Tuesday Only Cheeseburger Special.

13 05 2009

Rosamunde tuesday only cheese burger 1

Cheeseburger is $5.50 + tip.
+ Anchor Steam is $3 (happy hour) + tip.
= Breakfast of Champions.

Rosamunde is a sausage place on Lower Haight and on Tuesdays they also sell a cheeseburger special that is the holy grail of homemade burgers in San Francisco. People start lining up before they open and then can wait up to another 40 minutes after they place their order. The Toronado is an dive bar next door and they encourage people to hang out at the bar and have their burger with a beer.

I had heard about the Tuesday only cheeseburgers years ago. I even played hooky a few times from work just to check it out which is essential since they always sell out by early afternoon. It’s hilarious to see the Toronado packed with 50+ some people at around 1PM. I used to see Billy Gould in here all the time and I still see the exact same people in line after all these years, it’s like the Cheers of cheeseburger dinning.

New Lower Haighter Piece of Graffiti

6 03 2009


haters 2

new lower haighter piece

New piece of graffiti on the Lower Haighter wall that once was Future Primitive’s store.

It’s right next to one of my favorite pieces, The Bitching 2 Story Protruding Boob Robotech Creature.

Here’s a picture of the kids last year doing the tourist thing on Haight with The Bitching 2 Story Protruding Boob Robotech Creature.