El Mac Van in The Mission.

19 05 2010

El Mac Van in The Mission

I stumbled across this gem in The Mission and was stoked beyond words. El Mac is one of my favorite street artists so whenever I come across one of his pieces it’s like discovering a Picasso in an Easter Egg hunt.

This is another one of his murals in the high traffic area of Haight and Fillmore.

elmac.net on Haight and Fillmore

And then there’s this one, also in SF, which I believe has already been covered up.

Such is the occupational hazard of temporary street art.


Photo courtesy of Troy Holden

El Mac does large scale pieces all over the planet. Here’s his Margulies piece in Miami, a collaboration with Retna

Photo courtesy of El Mac.net

That’s El Mac and Retna standing off on the left hand side.

The Knight in LA

Photo courtesy of El Mac.net

An amazing piece in Italy

Photo courtesy of El Mac.net

And then back to Miami.

Photo courtesy of El Mac.net


Photo courtesy of El Mac.net


I love how kids in the Mission look exactly like kids in Vietnam when they are just hanging out and enduring some dork who is taking pictures around them.

Photo courtesy of El Mac.net


Photo courtesy of El Mac.net

At 30-years-young, El Mac is still a really young artist and one of those people you want to keep your eye on.

The kid has a lot of talent and I think some of his best work is still ahead of him.


Amazing Turk Street Mural

Hey Lady, You Might Want To Invest In Some Brakes For Your Bicycle. They Sure Come in Handy When You’re Riding Around With Firearms.

10 04 2010

My other gun is a bike 1. jpg

My other gun is a bike 2

Lower Haight, SF.

Rosamunde Tuesday Only Cheeseburger Special.

13 05 2009

Rosamunde tuesday only cheese burger 1

Cheeseburger is $5.50 + tip.
+ Anchor Steam is $3 (happy hour) + tip.
= Breakfast of Champions.

Rosamunde is a sausage place on Lower Haight and on Tuesdays they also sell a cheeseburger special that is the holy grail of homemade burgers in San Francisco. People start lining up before they open and then can wait up to another 40 minutes after they place their order. The Toronado is an dive bar next door and they encourage people to hang out at the bar and have their burger with a beer.

I had heard about the Tuesday only cheeseburgers years ago. I even played hooky a few times from work just to check it out which is essential since they always sell out by early afternoon. It’s hilarious to see the Toronado packed with 50+ some people at around 1PM. I used to see Billy Gould in here all the time and I still see the exact same people in line after all these years, it’s like the Cheers of cheeseburger dinning.

New Lower Haighter Piece of Graffiti

6 03 2009


haters 2

new lower haighter piece

New piece of graffiti on the Lower Haighter wall that once was Future Primitive’s store.

It’s right next to one of my favorite pieces, The Bitching 2 Story Protruding Boob Robotech Creature.

Here’s a picture of the kids last year doing the tourist thing on Haight with The Bitching 2 Story Protruding Boob Robotech Creature.