The El Burrito Express of The Outer Sunset Frequent Customer Stamp Card.

24 11 2009

Burrito Express has long been said to be the best burrito in The Outer Sunset.

I would not argue that statement. The Taraval St location is kind of dive. Total take-out food. No tables or chairs, just a handful of stools, a heavy weighted entrance door precariously balanced on a slanted floor, and a mob of people waiting for their food; which is the universally acknowledged sign of any healthy food establishment.

And they make a wicked wet carne asada burrito that’s a meal for two.

El Burrito Express of The Outer Sunset  1

But the funniest thing about this place is just last month I discovered that they have a frequency customer stamp card.

Buy 9 burritos, the 10th one is free.

I’ve been going to this place for the past 14 years.

I grew up in San Diego. We take our burritos seriously and I’ve literally dropped hundreds of dollars at Burrito Express.

And this is this first time I’ve ever heard about this program.

That’s one of the neat things about living in the city – discovering new restaurants, delis, take-out food, tamale ladies, food carts, illegal hot dog stands, and taco trucks.

Discovering new, exciting, cheap, exotic, and amazing food.

Makes you feel like Christopher Columbus.

And that’s another one of the neat things about being part of the secret club. Like the secret and now outlawed in 50 states 100 X 100 $98 cheese burger at In N Out (And with a dinner party of 8 people that’s a reasonable price) The idea that you’re part of the insider knowledge. You’re onto the secret menu.

And this is the first time I’ve ever had those both feelings at once.

I just discovered that my favorite burrito place in my back yard has a special El Burrito Express Frequent Customer Stamp Card.

Please to enjoy, the first and only photographic evidence online of The El Burrito Express Frequent Customer Stamp Card of The Outer Sunset with its terms and conditions –

The El Burrito Express of The Outer Sunset Frequent Customer Stamp Card. 1

1 down.

8 more to go.


The Bashful Bull Burger Special

The Bashful Bull Burger Special

13 05 2009

Bashful Bull Burger Special 1

Bashful Bull Burger Special 2

The Bashful Bull has got one of the better burger deals in the city. Chris Isaak has been said to be a regular here and I can see why. Bashful Bull is definitely my favorite dinner in The Outer Sunset.

The homemade hamburger is a dieing art form. It’s amazing how many trendy/expensive burger joints have popped up all over town that serve frozen patties. I’m not a purist, but there is something really cool and unique about a hamburger patty that a human being in the kitchen just made specifically for you.

Bashful Bull Burger Special 3

That and the place carries Sriracha! Fuck yeah!

Rosamunde Tuesday Only Cheeseburger Special.

13 05 2009

Rosamunde tuesday only cheese burger 1

Cheeseburger is $5.50 + tip.
+ Anchor Steam is $3 (happy hour) + tip.
= Breakfast of Champions.

Rosamunde is a sausage place on Lower Haight and on Tuesdays they also sell a cheeseburger special that is the holy grail of homemade burgers in San Francisco. People start lining up before they open and then can wait up to another 40 minutes after they place their order. The Toronado is an dive bar next door and they encourage people to hang out at the bar and have their burger with a beer.

I had heard about the Tuesday only cheeseburgers years ago. I even played hooky a few times from work just to check it out which is essential since they always sell out by early afternoon. It’s hilarious to see the Toronado packed with 50+ some people at around 1PM. I used to see Billy Gould in here all the time and I still see the exact same people in line after all these years, it’s like the Cheers of cheeseburger dinning.