Amazing Turk Street Mural

5 03 2009

Amazing Turk Street Mural START

Turk is a pretty shitty street.


I had to dodge several pieces of human shit on the sidewalk as I took pictures of this amazing mural that stretched down almost 2/3 of the block.

Turk street is a weird paradox. One the one hand it’s right off of 6th street (crack central) so there are a lot of junkies and knuckleheads loitering about. But My favorite Vietnamese dive restaurant is right around the corner (Thanks for turning me onto that place, Sun!), next to a not-so bad hole in the wall Mexican taqueria and it’s a stone’s throw from the Warfield, where we dropped the kids off for some Metro Station type indy rock show last year.

“OK kids, we’re in the Tenderloin area. Don’t make eye contact with any of the crack heads.

Actually, just don’t make eye contact with anyone…”

I love this piece though. Amazing colors and beautiful Funkadelic style.

I think this just because my favorite San Francisco mural of the week.

Amazing Turk Street Mural 1.5

Amazing Turk Street Mural 2

Amazing Turk Street Mural 3

Amazing Turk Street Mural 4

Amazing Turk Street Mural 5

Amazing Turk Street Mural 6

Amazing Turk Street Mural 7
Amazing Turk Street Mural 8

Amazing Turk Street Mural 9



One response

5 03 2009

This is so awesome! I just want to take some schrooms and stand there just looking at the mural.

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