Windows of Opportunity on The Upper Haight.

12 11 2009

Windows of Opportunity on The Upper Haight

This neat robot mural was from a just a few years ago on the side of the Amoeba building, close to the sidewalk. It has since been covered over with a horrible cartoon-style thug. I’m not really a fan of those cartoon-style thug murals.

I like this piece a lot. The robot design is very simple but he has great character. I also love the colors in the background a lot. It brings out a really fresh contrast and is easy on the eyes.

But the best part of this pictures is the pose the littles are striking.

It’s that “I’ve HAD it with you! I can’t stand to look you in the face or even in the same direction anymore” body language. Total rock star picture. I remember thinking “C’mon guys. Who do you think you are, Oasis? It’s not that bad. I’m just took you to Amoeba and now we’re off to get some Fat Slice pizza. It’s not that bad.”

I love this picture. It’s one of my all time favorites. It personifies this idea that there are these windows of opportunity that you have with everything; murals, business, people. You have this window of opportunity that you think will last awhile and then in a heartbeat that moment is gone.

RUN-DMC, some Predators, Frodo Baggins, the Mushrooms from Super Mario Bros, Mechagodzilla, and Mazinger.

2 07 2009

RUN-DMC, some Predators, Frodo Baggins, the Mushrooms from Super Mario Bros. Mechagodzilla, and Mazinger

If I had the resources, the mural that I would commission would look a lot like this.

The Keith Haring Art Cars

26 06 2009

The Keith Haring Art Cars1

The Keith Haring Art Cars  3

The Keith Haring Art Cars  2

I really like the idea behind this converted police parking ticket cruiser.

The Keith Haring Art Cars 10

The Keith Haring Art Cars 21

This would be perfect for tooling around the city. You could actually find parking in the Mission or Dolores Park and its far more energy efficient than driving around by yourself in an empty car.

Combine that with the art car aesthetic and I think San Francisco would really dig these. If I was a venture capitalist type of guy I would buy several of these at auction blocks and then commission local graffiti, Kid Robot, Giant Robot, and Burning Man artists to convert them into unique limited edition art cars, signed and numbered.