Amazing Turk Street Mural by Mr. Maxx Moses

9 04 2009

Amazing Turk Street Mural 21

While riding my bike back from the Saint Stupid’s Day Parade last week I stopped off to take some more pictures of my favorite San Francisco mural.

As long as this mural is still around and I’m in the neighborhood I will take pictures of it.

Amazing Turk Street Mural 22

Amazing Turk Street Mural 20

Amazing Turk street mural 40

amazing turk street mural 33

Amazing Turk street mural 41,jpg

amazing turk street mural 37

amazing turk street mural 30

Check out the signature tag right above the red arrow.

amazing turk street mural 34

I didn’t notice it at first, but that’s actually a three dimensional piece that someone cut out and then glued to the side of the building.

amazing turk street mural 31

amazing turk street mural 32

amazing turk street mural 35

That alone deserves another +7 in creativity points for the Turk Street Mural.



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