10th Annual Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race. Easter Sunday, 2010. San Francisco. FREE.

8 04 2010

Photo courtesy of Douglas Zimmerman

I usually have a lot of fun checking out the BYOBW race every year, but it has been raining sporadically these past few weeks and I’m old and cranky. It takes a lot for me to get out of the house these days, especially on a wet Sunday.

Fortunately my good friend Doug made it out and took some great pictures.

Such is the glory of the Internet. You never have to leave your house anymore and can still live the event vicariously through your computer.

Man, I think there’s a good chance that Sunset at Stafford Lake is going to get rained in this Sunday. Although if we pool our collective energies and prayers of restitution together, we might still be able to pull off a miracle. We’ll see.



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