How Weird Festival. San Francisco. Mother’s Day, 2010.

10 05 2010

How Weird Festival 2010 7

How Weird Festival 2010 2

 How Weird Festival 2010 1

How Weird Festival 2010 3

How Weird Festival 2010 6

Man, a lot of San Francisco DJs sure have a Buddhism fetish.

If I was any kind of Eastern religious deity I would make a home for myself in San Francisco and just let the party come to me.


How Weird Street Fair. 2006 and 2008. San Francisco. $5-$10 Donation Block Party.

How Weird Street Faire 2009.

11 05 2009

How Weird Street Faire  2009 1

How Weird Street Faire  2009 3

This struck me as an odd sight.

It’s not often that you have block party on a sunny day with not a single person in line for the porta potties.

How Weird Street Faire  2009 4

The South of Market condos are in season again. You can see this structure has some new growth over on the right hand side.

How Weird Street Faire  2009 5

How Weird Street Faire  2009 8

How Weird Street Faire  2009 9

How Weird Street Faire  2009 2

How Weird 2009 2.5

How Weird Street Fair. 2006 and 2008. San Francisco. $5-$10 Donation Block Party.

9 05 2009

There’s a lot to love about the 2006 How Weird Street Fair video. Love the tiki bar, love the didgeridoo guy with the megaphone helmet, loved the way it was filmed.

Not really in love with the psytrance soundtrack. But hey, it’s a free country.

What I love most about this video is the architecture the background. Check out all the Victorians. This is back when How Weird was on Howard (Get it? How-Weird) on 8th, over by the nucleus of the club district in San Francisco. They had to move the block party in 2008 over to 2nd because some neighbors that moved into the heart of the club district of San Francisco were complaining about this party.

Which kind of begs the question, what kind of people move into a club district and then complain that there are too many parties?

It’s like moving into Harlem and then complaining that there are too many Black people living next too you.

Anyhoo, How Weird survived last year, this time over by Howard and 2nd and closer to the Finical District. I’ve always maintained that the Finical District is one of the weirdest parts of the city, it really is San Francisco’s Bermuda Triangle.

During the weekday it’s packed with all this road rage energy and people that hate their lives, jobs, commutes, co-workers, ect.

Then on the weekends it’s a ghost town, but sometimes you can still feel some of that disgruntled poltergeist energy that’s been accumulating over the decades.

Very weird and creepy.

This 2008 video was shot by Lux Vibes, I like his work a lot. He covers a lot of ground in this one. Again, it’s the architecture in the background that trips me out the most. All those skyscrapers and other finical temples that create city blackness in the afternoon, or funnel vicious city winds down certain streets. It’s kind of crazy when you think about it, that the city insisted that we move this freaky block party from a somewhat public area down to this deserted area just south of the unprotected heart of our finical temples.