Doc Martin drops The Clash and PYT. The Gathering. San Francisco. Party like it’s 1999.

29 06 2009

Great set by LA house icon Doc Martin. I really like the last 2 minutes.

Bust it.

You’re perfect. Yes, it’s true. But without me you’re only You. Your menstruating heart. It a’int bleeding enough for two.

11 06 2009

Ah, I love living in the future.

My favorite band just played their first show in 11 years earlier today, just a few hours ago, on the other side of Planet Earth.

The sun hasn’t even set in California and we already have several videos online to check out.

Thanks for sharing, England!

I like this one.

Ladies and gentlemen, on the stage for the first time in 11 years, Faith No More –

Opening up their set with a cover of “Reunited” by Peaches and Herb as sung by Patton and Roddy.

Glad to see that you guys still have a sense of humor.

Here’s another cover of an old Bee Gee’s song that FNM is known for.

That’s another thing that’s unique to Faith No More that I really find myself respecting as time goes on.

When Faith No More covers a song they don’t tweak it.

They don’t do a “alternative” or hard version of the song.

They play the song almost exactly as how the original was written.

That’s a dead art form. No major label band does that.

I used to think that alternative covers of old goofy songs were pretty neat, but lately it’s just become a really offensive and cowardly marketing tool by shitty bands that can’t seem to make a name for themselves on their own merit.

Limp Bizkit became famous doing that horrible cover of a George Michael song.

Alien Ant Farm made a name for themselves doing a mediocre cover of a Michael Jackson song.

Orgy chewed up and then shit out a perfectly good New Order song.

The list goes on and on.

That’s why I find myself really respecting Faith No More’s covers. Even if they are covering goofy songs with a certain amount of sarcasm or dark humor, there’s also a hell of a lot of unspoken respect there.

Respect to the original artist, respect to the song itself that says,

“I don’t have to ruin your song to make a name for myself. I will play your song exactly as you wrote it.”

That’s a dead art form.

No other big alternative kind of band does that on a regular basis.

“And this one goes out to all the White rappers. Now that we’re all 40.”

I can’t wait to see the future festival crowds (70,000+ people) response too this song now that, thanks to youtube, we’re onto your game plan Faith No More.

48 hours later –

I had a hell of a time watching the Download festival online. Even if my stream was a bit choppy, I got to see a professional shot festival show for free, I had everything I needed within arms reach, and the bathrooms were clean with no line to get in. It was a great 21st century digital concert experience.

24 hours later in Italy –

You know, being fluent in Italian really does come in handy for a lead singer when doing a show in Italy.

Alright! Mike Patton at 41 still rocking the face-forward 180 degree stage flips.

And way to go FNM!

Fucking awesome jam during the Sun Dance ritual.

Evidence live in Russian (with audience participation).
Moscow. 2009.

I know he’s supposed to be all old & jaded now. But, Man.

Patton can still howl like some 19-year-old kid that REALLY wants that summer job to be the new lead singer of Judas Priest.

Closing out the show.
August 8th, 2009.
And………roll credits…

Budapest, Hungary.

Mike Patton eats a shoelace, finishes the song, throws the shoelace back up and then into the crowd.

Why? I have no idea.

The funny thing is that Patton is known for being a big foodie yet that guy eats and drinks the most horrible things on stage.

Fuck You.
Fuck You Very Much.

Chile has just officially smoked Israel to be the number one audience in the Midlife Crisis sing-a-long contest.

America, we’re all on notice right now. Chile just fucked up the curve.

And San Francisco, we need to bring our A+ Game on April 2010.

I’m talking Michael Phelps and Tim Lincecum, Marvel Team-Up, Gold Medal, A+ Game to the table on April 2010.

Director Patton putting on a little show for the folks down in Brisbane Australia. 2010.

Patton sure has been giving his mic a lot of head during this tour. I like how he handles the mic, he’s got this neat 45-degree angle for his lounge moments, other times he throws it around like a weapon, and here he completely engulfs it. What a great high-five moment.

San Francisco.
Warfield shows.

Amazing Mike Patton, the Tony Hawk of stage divers, picture courtesy of Jay Blakesberg

This was my outfit for the Warfield shows.

FNM2.0 lucha libre

I was raving out during Evidence when Mike Patton pointed at me and said, “Show them what you got, Red!” and then the spotlight was on me and all of a sudden my life became and episode of Soul Train and all my years of training paid off.

It was glorious.

Best fan photo of all time goes to FNM2.0 OG Stubb

Photo courtesy of Wanderlusting

The encore with both Chuck and Mike on Introduce Yourself was odd and touching.

It’s like if your parents got divorced on really bad terms and then 20 years later you see the both of them shit-faced drunk at a family wedding and they are bouncing around with each other like they were the Beastie Boys.


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Faith No More’s Second Coming

Rosamunde Tuesday Only Cheeseburger Special.

Faith No More’s Second Coming.

10 06 2009

My all time favorite San Francisco band is about to take the stage for the first time in over 11 years tonight.

At their peak, Faith No More were by far both the most unique and interesting major label band around. They took chances, bit the hand that fed them, made some amazing records that were mostly ignored at the time, and were the most unique stage performers I’ve ever seen. Mike Patton is one of the more accomplished vocalists of this generation and could even upstage GG Allin in terms of pure shock value performance art. You never quite knew what you were in for at a Faith No More show.

My favorite era was the 1997 tour. You never see that era represented on VH1 or MTV, but I really liked that band once they started getting haircuts and dressing up. I loved it when they would come out in matching suits, like a house band at a friends wedding, and by the end of the set Patton was a mess.

Check out the synergy between Patton and Puffy at the end of the Phoenix festival.

That bond between a lead singer and his drummer is a very special and sacred thing.

Not that many people can pull it off but Faith No More just nails it.

Fucking homerun. Perfect showmanship.

DJ Dan. Take a Fix to Funk. 1994.

22 05 2009

dj dan take a fix to funk

This is hands-down my all-time favorite double cassette tape set.

The San Francisco Project series were live mix tapes of DJ Dan spinning at the Funky Tekno Tribe parties. This was during a period when Dan had just moved from LA to SF and was experimenting with more Funky House and Progressive House tracks, but still had that LA NoDoz level of intensity in his programming.

Not just really, really good records but LOTS of really, really good records mixed really creatively together, one right after the other, sometimes building into this kamikaze onslaught of sound.

I played the hell out of these tapes and must have made over a dozen copies of each for friends. I remember playing this tape during my summer job at SF State and even some of my co-workers who were into Hip-Hop and hated House loved this tape, especially all the scratching and the Jungle Brothers part at the end. We used to play it all the time and it became the soundtrack to my 1994 summer experience.

Dan just re-released a digital version of Take a Fix to Funk as part of his Future Retro mixtape series and you can check it out for free over here



Dan just dropped

San Francisco Project #4 Weed Wacker.

These really are like the Paul’s Boutique of 90’s House Music mix tapes.

= Priceless


Simfonik recently did an excellent post on DJ Dan’s involvement with The California Project

At 16 tapes spread across 8 different DJs, The California Project is easily the most ambitious mixtape box collection that I’ve heard of.

Dan’s two contributions were “Live at Organic” and then one simply labeled “live” I’ve heard, taped, and traded both these tapes over the years and there was a lot of confusion as to where they came from, so it’s nice to see the story behind it. Simfonik also did an excellent job, as he always does, of scanning the original j-cards and cassette tapes themselves. It looks like for the California Project all the DJs donated pictures of themselves as kids to be used in the artwork. Quite an amazing find and you can check the whole thing out for free over here –

DJ Dan – The California Project

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Ozomatli live in Stern Grove, San Francisco. 2006. FREE

1 05 2009

Ozomatli puts on a great live show and is famous for working their way out into the audience to jam during their encore. I was about 10 feet to the left of them during this moment from 3 years ago. Super fun times.

The Stern Grove 2009 line up. was just released today. The July 19th show with Sergent Garcia and the July 26th show with Lyrics Born look promising. I live for free outdoor parties during the summertime.

Yelle live at UCSD in San Diego. 2008. FREE

1 04 2009

Youth is King. I remember back in my 20s I could go out three, maybe four, times a week and still ace all my classes. Once you hit your 30s though your metabolism starts changing. It’s like the reverse of puberty and your body definitely lets you know when you’ve overstepped your boundaries. These days for every 1 night that I go out it takes me at least a day to recover. Youth really is King.

Yelle is one of my new favorite bands. They’re a 3 piece electro-pop group from France and their debut album is entirely in French, yet they still have a huge following in America and other non-French speaking countries. Both times she came through San Francisco her shows sold out and this free show at UCSD at the ungodly hour of high noon was the very day after they did a show at San Diego’s Beauty Bar. Amazing the things you can pull of in your 20s.

Check out the laptop jockey. My man is SELLING that free show.

DJ Dan Live at Love Fest. San Francisco. 2007. FREE

31 03 2009

Love Fest last year was amazing. They were predicting it to be rained in, but the storm that was passing through town hit on Friday night and by early Saturday it was sunny and clear. There’s something about the collective energy of people praying for sun for their free outdoor daytime party that makes the party that much more special when we’re able to actually pull it off.

Also, it went till 8PM! Normally every single event I’ve ever been too at Civic Center stopped at 6PM sharp. Not sure how they got the extra hours but things went even more nuts once the sun went down. It’s equally amazing that they were able to throw this massive free party without any of the riots that seem to be in fashion these days in Oakland. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep this party going a little while longer.

DJ Dan has been called the #1 rave DJ in America several times over. I wouldn’t disagree with that statement. I have about 10-12 of his old cassette tapes, 3-4 of his CDs, and 50-60 of his mp3 that I’ve downloaded online. I’m pretty familiar with his body of work and my favorite era is the live Funky Tekno Tribe cassette tape mixes from the mid 1990s. This was during a period when Dan had just moved to San Francisco from Los Angeles and was experimenting with more progressive house records. This was also during the exact same time that I had moved to San Francisco from San Diego and was experimenting with how much fun I could have in a single week. It was a glorious time to be a raver in the Bay Area.

This is a clip of Dan stepping up to the decks at Love Fest from 2 years ago.

I love it because he was able to take an 80’s hair band rift, loop it, and then fit it perfectly into the formula of your classic rave anthem.

Very creative, yet simple idea. Perfect execution.


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DJ Dan. Take a Fix to Funk. 1994.

Metallica Live at a Raiders Tailgate Party. Oakland. 2003. FREE

30 03 2009

Like most people, I haven’t paid that much attention to Metallica since junior high school but I will say there was a period around 2003 where they were doing some interesting shows. They did a secret show at Kimos, they took a page from Johnny Cash and did a show at San Quentin, and probably the most unique, they did a free tailgate show at a Raiders game.

Master of Puppets is an amazing studio song and very easy to massacre live. Even with all its flaws, I like this performance a lot for no other reason that Metallica is all decked out in Raiders gear. I’m not a sports guy at all. I have no idea who is on what team and honestly don’t care, but I love the Raiders uniform. It doesn’t matter if you’re into speed metal or gangster rap, if you dress in black and have an alpha male vibe going on then the Raiders uniform is already built into your look. Black is timeless. It’ll never go out of style.

And look at that logo. While other teams have sharks or tigers or bears, what is the Raider’s brand? A guy who’s visually impaired, handicapped some would say, that’s been stabbed in the head. Twice. What kind of turn-of-the-century, Gangs of New York mentality is it to chop that guy’s head off and parade it around as your team’s mascot?! It’s a hell of an icon though…

You can’t see any of them in this video, but I love the glam faction of the Raider Nation. Its part fanboy homage to 1970’s KISS meets Hello Kitty Vader .

Go get your GWAR on!

Cheer up Emo Raider kid. It’s not that bad.

Now if only I could somehow harness the awesome marketing power of this demographic to do my bidding …