Yelle live at UCSD in San Diego. 2008. FREE

1 04 2009

Youth is King. I remember back in my 20s I could go out three, maybe four, times a week and still ace all my classes. Once you hit your 30s though your metabolism starts changing. It’s like the reverse of puberty and your body definitely lets you know when you’ve overstepped your boundaries. These days for every 1 night that I go out it takes me at least a day to recover. Youth really is King.

Yelle is one of my new favorite bands. They’re a 3 piece electro-pop group from France and their debut album is entirely in French, yet they still have a huge following in America and other non-French speaking countries. Both times she came through San Francisco her shows sold out and this free show at UCSD at the ungodly hour of high noon was the very day after they did a show at San Diego’s Beauty Bar. Amazing the things you can pull of in your 20s.

Check out the laptop jockey. My man is SELLING that free show.



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