Love Fest. Saturday, October 3rd. 2009. San Francisco. $10.

8 10 2009

Because I live out in the boondocks I’m usually able to get a good seat when taking MUNI inbound and that gives me a great vantage point when playing the “Who else on the bus is going to the same block party I’m going to?” game.

Some festivals are trickier then others, but when you start talking about the Folsom Street Fair or Love Fest even Stevie Wonder can dominate in this game.

Please to enjoy, a scene from the Civic Center MUNI station during Love Fest 2009 –

Oh my Lord. It’s like a tsunami of teenage wasteland.

My favorite part of this video is that it was shot by Adam Jackson who ran the great Adam’s Block website. The premise of that site was pretty simple, he just put a webcam outside of his apartment window in the Tenderloin and streamed everything that was happening online. The site attracted an international following and the crime rate actually dropped on that particular block because whenever a junkie would break into a car someone in Idaho would see it online in real time and call SFPD. Go team.


Deadmau5 set at Love Fest. Skip ahead to 6:15.

Best. Rick Roll’d. EVER.


DJ Dan Live at Love Fest. San Francisco. 2007. FREE

DJ Dan Live at Love Fest. San Francisco. 2007. FREE

31 03 2009

Love Fest last year was amazing. They were predicting it to be rained in, but the storm that was passing through town hit on Friday night and by early Saturday it was sunny and clear. There’s something about the collective energy of people praying for sun for their free outdoor daytime party that makes the party that much more special when we’re able to actually pull it off.

Also, it went till 8PM! Normally every single event I’ve ever been too at Civic Center stopped at 6PM sharp. Not sure how they got the extra hours but things went even more nuts once the sun went down. It’s equally amazing that they were able to throw this massive free party without any of the riots that seem to be in fashion these days in Oakland. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep this party going a little while longer.

DJ Dan has been called the #1 rave DJ in America several times over. I wouldn’t disagree with that statement. I have about 10-12 of his old cassette tapes, 3-4 of his CDs, and 50-60 of his mp3 that I’ve downloaded online. I’m pretty familiar with his body of work and my favorite era is the live Funky Tekno Tribe cassette tape mixes from the mid 1990s. This was during a period when Dan had just moved to San Francisco from Los Angeles and was experimenting with more progressive house records. This was also during the exact same time that I had moved to San Francisco from San Diego and was experimenting with how much fun I could have in a single week. It was a glorious time to be a raver in the Bay Area.

This is a clip of Dan stepping up to the decks at Love Fest from 2 years ago.

I love it because he was able to take an 80’s hair band rift, loop it, and then fit it perfectly into the formula of your classic rave anthem.

Very creative, yet simple idea. Perfect execution.


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