DJ Dan. Take a Fix to Funk. 1994.

22 05 2009

dj dan take a fix to funk

This is hands-down my all-time favorite double cassette tape set.

The San Francisco Project series were live mix tapes of DJ Dan spinning at the Funky Tekno Tribe parties. This was during a period when Dan had just moved from LA to SF and was experimenting with more Funky House and Progressive House tracks, but still had that LA NoDoz level of intensity in his programming.

Not just really, really good records but LOTS of really, really good records mixed really creatively together, one right after the other, sometimes building into this kamikaze onslaught of sound.

I played the hell out of these tapes and must have made over a dozen copies of each for friends. I remember playing this tape during my summer job at SF State and even some of my co-workers who were into Hip-Hop and hated House loved this tape, especially all the scratching and the Jungle Brothers part at the end. We used to play it all the time and it became the soundtrack to my 1994 summer experience.

Dan just re-released a digital version of Take a Fix to Funk as part of his Future Retro mixtape series and you can check it out for free over here



Dan just dropped

San Francisco Project #4 Weed Wacker.

These really are like the Paul’s Boutique of 90’s House Music mix tapes.

= Priceless


Simfonik recently did an excellent post on DJ Dan’s involvement with The California Project

At 16 tapes spread across 8 different DJs, The California Project is easily the most ambitious mixtape box collection that I’ve heard of.

Dan’s two contributions were “Live at Organic” and then one simply labeled “live” I’ve heard, taped, and traded both these tapes over the years and there was a lot of confusion as to where they came from, so it’s nice to see the story behind it. Simfonik also did an excellent job, as he always does, of scanning the original j-cards and cassette tapes themselves. It looks like for the California Project all the DJs donated pictures of themselves as kids to be used in the artwork. Quite an amazing find and you can check the whole thing out for free over here –

DJ Dan – The California Project

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