Faith No More’s Second Coming.

10 06 2009

My all time favorite San Francisco band is about to take the stage for the first time in over 11 years tonight.

At their peak, Faith No More were by far both the most unique and interesting major label band around. They took chances, bit the hand that fed them, made some amazing records that were mostly ignored at the time, and were the most unique stage performers I’ve ever seen. Mike Patton is one of the more accomplished vocalists of this generation and could even upstage GG Allin in terms of pure shock value performance art. You never quite knew what you were in for at a Faith No More show.

My favorite era was the 1997 tour. You never see that era represented on VH1 or MTV, but I really liked that band once they started getting haircuts and dressing up. I loved it when they would come out in matching suits, like a house band at a friends wedding, and by the end of the set Patton was a mess.

Check out the synergy between Patton and Puffy at the end of the Phoenix festival.

That bond between a lead singer and his drummer is a very special and sacred thing.

Not that many people can pull it off but Faith No More just nails it.

Fucking homerun. Perfect showmanship.



One response

11 06 2009

Yeah the wedding suits were back in pink, blue and coral! Unbelievable. I took some great pics of dapper Mike before the man meat crush really kicked in. Check it out:

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