Sunday Streets in The Outer Sunset. August 9th, 2009. FREE.

10 08 2009

Sunday Streets in The Outer Sunset. August 9th, 2009. FREE.  1

What’s funny is that the sun woke me up this morning and that 31st Ave was still sunny and clear when I left for the day. But just a few blocks down the street and you could see that there was a pocket of fog just sitting down there by the beach. Just like the Twilight Zone. It’s like it’s own completely different ecosystem down there. You can go from San Diego to Bermuda Triangle tropical rainforest conditions in just a few blocks.

And then it all burned off 20 minutes before the block party was over. Yo! Sunday Streets. Can we change our hours from the 10AM – 2PM shift to…let’s say noon – sunset? Can we make that happen? Because, seriously. Most of this town can’t even get out of the house before 4PM. Trust me on this one.

Sunday Streets in The Outer Sunset. August 9th, 2009. FREE. 2

Who’s a good dog!
Who’s a good dog with the most bad-ass tricked out bike!
That’s right, you are!
Good dog! You’re a good dog!

Sunday Streets in The Outer Sunset. August 9th, 2009. FREE.  11

You were always on my mind.
You were always on my mind.

Sunday Streets in The Outer Sunset. August 9th, 2009. FREE.  7

I saw this set up a few months ago at that free bike party in Golden Gate Park that I never got around to writing about. They tried to go renegade that day but had to retreat back into the neighboring Burning Man Golden Gate Park parties jurisdiction to avoid prosecution. That was an interesting day.

All the electricity for this party isn’t provided by a generator. It comes from all the people peddling on those bikes. Really ingenious idea.

And this is what a human bike-powered renegade party on Ocean Beach looks like.

Sunday Streets in The Outer Sunset. August 9th, 2009. FREE. 13

Sunday Streets in The Outer Sunset. August 9th, 2009. FREE.  23

The next Sunday Streets will be back in The Outer Sunset the day after The Man burns.

Seriously? Who scheduled that?

Are the promoters for the Outside Lands Festival on your board of directors?

Seriously. We need to talk people.



The Outer Sunset Has FREE Curbside Parking Right By The Beach.

Life is the Great Highway.

30 04 2009

This is another great quirky house that’s on the very last block of The Outer Sunset, right next to The Great Highway and Ocean Beach.

Life is the Great Highway 1

Life is the Great Highway 2

Life is the Great Highway 3

Life is the Great Highway 9

Life is the Great Highway 4

Life is the Great Highway 6

The Outer Sunset Has FREE Curbside Parking Right By The Beach.

25 03 2009

free parking at the beach

How beautiful is that?

I grew up in Hawaii and San Diego so I grew up around this happy-go-lucky, tropical, party beach culture and was kind turned-off and a little frightened by Ocean Beach when I first moved here. Most of the time it’s really foggy and overcast. Like if London and Russia combined forces to bioengineer the most depressing beach possible. Anyone touching the water had bodysuits, homeless people constantly swimming MUNI upstream to die alone, and Elliot Smith haunted that walkway.

Guys walking by themselves.
Wearing sunglasses and staring at the ground.
Thinking about all the mistakes in their life.
As they walked past tagged-up dead beached whales.
Before being jacked-up from behind.

It was kind of a downer beach.

But I discovered quickly that even on foggy summer days the beach was beautiful at night. I could open any window of my house and hear it all night. I could hear any car that drove by me from at least a few blocks away, but I could hear the ocean all night.

And on sunny weekdays this place is a beautifully eerie and deserted rust bucket. I love it.

This is The Great Highway.

ocean beach 1

ocean beach 2

ocean beach 4

ocean beach 6

I was here when the Burning Man People had a free art opening for the first of their new bonfire pits last year.

ocean beach 7

It was WINDY AS FUCK. I remember almost Burning Man dust storm conditions with this Crazy Turrets Homeless Dude drawn to the fire that would not shut up. Unsuspecting couples would be walking up to the fires from out of the dust storms and thinking that Crazy Turrets Homeless Dude was part of the local Burning Man charm without realizing that local rangers had told Crazy Turrets Homeless Dude to shut up while other people were giving speeches at least 3 times now and it wasn’t working. There was instant blind cooperation among strangers and the local Sunset beach cops busting DPW guys for drinking on the beach. Proof that The Universe really does have a sense of humor. I thought it was a nice effort on the Burning Man People’s part, but honestly I wondered how long the fire pits would survive before being tagged-up or destroyed. But check it out now that it’s completed in 2009 –

ocean beach 8

Nowhere near the level of trash that used to collect around the old city bonfire pits and no tagging! That’s amazing.

I like this partially bloomed flower / acorn design the best.

ocean beach 11

That 45-degree angle is a great design and is a hell of a lot more practical in blocking the wind, which is essential to starting and maintaining your fire under windy as fuck conditions. I was cruising by at 4:20 and there was already a fire going in the acorn fire pit with girls playing music and dancing nearby.

ocean beach 9

ocean beach 10

Good times.

Also, by Burning Man People I mean a combination of The Black Rock Arts Foundation and Burners Without Borders. I just like referring to them as Burning Man People, which has a nice ring to it. Like Children of The Corn.