Full Moon Sunset at The Sunset Water Reservoir.

19 08 2010

Full Moon Sunset at The Sunset Water Reservoir. 5

Full Moon Sunset at The Sunset Water Reservoir. 1

Full Moon Sunset at The Sunset Water Reservoir. 2

I took these pictures sometime last year during a spectacular Full Moon to the east that was clearly visible as the sun set to the west. It was a really unique and gorgeous day that I proceeded to completely forget about. Now that I’m in the process of swapping out iMacs I find myself stumbling across all of these forgotten pictures that I never got around to posting.

I really dig this spot. This is my Tower of Power. The Sunset Water Reservoir is easily one of the top 5 locations to watch the sunset in San Francisco. It also has a really unique and priceless view of the western SF skyline, yet most of the time it’s half empty if not completely deserted.

Full Moon Sunset at The Sunset Water Reservoir. 7


Walking Over to The Sunset Water Reservoir During Sunset.

The Outer Sunset Has Some Killer Views.



7 responses

26 08 2010

Great pictures! The Sunset Reservoir view is definitely a hidden treasure. Nice place to walk your dog.

11 12 2010

Your photographs are quite spectacular. What camera do you shoot with?

12 12 2010
Michael Bolger

Fuji Film Finepix F200EXR.

It’s a great little point-and-click that I’m having a lot of fun breaking in.

13 01 2011
kc! Bradshaw

Just moved to the outer sunset, right across the street from The Sunset Reservoir, and love it out here. Thanks for the blog, do you still plan on updating it?

13 01 2011
Michael Bolger

Hey KC!

Welcome to the neighborhood. It’s funny, at my peak I used to update this blog every other day. Now I don’t. I’m still not quite sure why that is.

Sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you don’t.

14 04 2011

I love this area. Some great photo ops. Also, I love going back through old pictures!

12 08 2011

What about that one:

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