Golden Gate Pharmacy

17 03 2009

golden gate pharmacy1

This building always struck me as being really odd. It has a phallic type structure sticking out which isn’t that uncommon, there are lots of phallic chimneys and towers in The Outer Sunset. It’s also painted in this tacky greenish type color, which again isn’t all that unusual. There are lots of loud, tacky colors in The Outer Sunset. But what nails it is the combination of a sickly greenish phallic structure with spots as the building for Golden Gate Pharmacy.

golden gate pharmacy 2

Normally whenever I see green spots on the wall I think “I’ve had too much fun and I better gear down before the room starts spinning” and if I were to ever see green spots on my dick I’d probably think “I just fucked something I should not have and now my life has become a horrible STD commercial.” But maybe that’s all part of Golden Gate Pharmacy’s covert marketing strategy. Don’t ask me. I don’t know.



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