The Outer Sunset Has Loud, Tacky Colors.

17 03 2009

Architecture Of The Outer Sunset.2

Colors not found in nature. Colors that you would find only in cereal boxes, Saturday morning cartoons, and The 1977 JC Penny Catalog

Here’s just a few.

Architecture Of The Outer Sunset.1

loud colors1

Architecture Of The Outer Sunset.4

Architecture Of The Outer Sunset.3

Architecture Of The Outer Sunset.5

The purple itself wouldn’t be that bad, but to add on two extra floors and paint them pink and then yellow? Really, guy? Is that really how you want to express yourself?

Architecture Of The Outer Sunset.6

And this one has the winning combination of a Malibu Stacy shades of yellow, pink, and green with the added bonus of having Purple Rain living across the street.

Architecture Of The Outer Sunset.8

I actually love the blood red color of this house. This house gets an A.

Architecture Of The Outer Sunset.7

And this is one of the more infamous loud, tacky, colored structures in The Outer Sunset.

Architecture Of The Outer Sunset9

I always imagined that if The Joker had a lair in San Francisco this would be it.

Way to keep a low profile there, Joker.



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