Serpent Mother. FREE art opening on Treasure Island.

11 03 2009

Flaming Lotus Girls Serpent Mother 1

The new art piece from The Flaming Lotus Girls is this amazing 168 foot stainless steal snake. It has a hydraulic joy-stick control panel that moves around her 20-foot neck and head that they encourage the audience to play with.

Flaming Lotus Girls Serpent Mother 8

This was their free art gallery opening on Treasure Island on Saturday night. An inside art gallery opening so minus the flames that you would see on the playa. Some people might call this large-scale art, but lately I’ve been thinking The Serpent Mother has got to be the single coolest action figure in America right now (or at least the coolest action figure in America till next year’s Burning Man)

Flaming Lotus Girls Serpent Mother 4

Flaming Lotus Girls Serpent Mother 7

Flaming Lotus Girls Serpent Mother 2

Flaming Lotus Girls Serpent Mother 6

If I were an eccentric millionaire type, I would be commissioning my favorite Burning Man artists to build me pieces like this all the time. And then I’d hire David Best to build me a mansion that I could store them all in. And let’s not forget my master plan of buying up old missile silo bases and storing my extra Burning Men in them to survive the coming apocalypse. I’m telling you, when I win the lottery I already have a plan on what I’m going to do with the money. I’m going to buy up Burning Man art pieces like other people buy comic books.

And in the warehouse area next door there was a huge loading dock area with the Homouroboros – the spinning barrel of monkeys tree.

Burning Man Batcave 1

Burning Man Batcave 2

Here’s a video of the Homouroboros from Burning Man 2007.

And the rest of the warehouse was a loading dock area for Burning Man art cars and other art projects.

burningman batcave 5

Burning Man Batcave 4

Burning Man batcave 7

burning man batcave 6

You can see the blueprints of an art car on the side of this bus.

Burning Man Batcave 3

It’s like if Batman was into Burning Man, this would be his Batcave.

Generations from now archeologists are going to have a field day trying to document and explain all of these amazing large scale Burning Man artifacts that they are going to find hidden away.



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