Sunday Streets in the Mission. FREE.

21 07 2009

Sunday Streets in the Mission 1

Sunday was one of those classic sunny San Francisco summer days where there were a dozen different things going on. Some 25,000 people were in the AIDS walk in Golden Gate Park, the San Francisco Symphony was doing a free show in Dolores Park, and the Sunday Streets project shut down a few block in the Mission for an early block party.

Sunday Streets in the Mission 9

Sunday Streets in the Mission 2

Sunday Streets in the Mission 11

Sunday Streets in the Mission 14

Sunday Streets in the Mission 13

Sunday Streets in the Mission 4

This guy was playing guitar from his room but it was that hand made drawing that caught my eye and was probably the most random sight of the day.

Sunday Streets in the Mission 6

It’s former KTVU reporter Dennis Richmond!

People were yelling his name as they walked by like it was Metallica.

I just wrote about this guy the other day and how everyone from the 25 year old Harvey Milk documentary are still ubiquitous today.

How random is that…

Sunday Streets in the Mission 16

Sunday Streets in the Mission 21

Valencia Cyclery had a free renegade style barbeque once the Sunday Streets officially ended at 2PM. Deep and the Trikeasaurus provided the beets and people were playing frisbee in the streets. It was like a Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff song.

Sunday Streets in the Mission 23

And the next two Sunday Streets are going to be in The Outer Sunset. It’s amazing what different worlds they are. You can get a tan in the Mission, ride the bike back to the Outer Sunset and catch a cold. It’ll be interesting to see if as many of the locals come out when we take over The Great Highway for a few hours.

Wolverine, John Stewart, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Hulk, Spiderman, and Batman vs Joker, Catwoman, Lex Luther, Doctor Doom, Bizarro, and Mysterio.

30 06 2009

19th and Mission 1

19th and Mission 2

19th and Mission 5

19th and Mission 6

19th and Mission 7

19th and Mission 10

19th and Mission 12

19th and Mission 19

New Marvel vs DC mural over at 19th and Mission

Thank you to WHAT I’M SEEING DOT COM for the head’s up.

Balmy Alley

1 06 2009

The genesis behind this week long field trip and open love letter to The Mission was Balmy Alley.

Balmy Alley is one of the more famous collections of murals in San Francisco, almost to the point of being a busy tourist destination.

On the one hand I felt very much like a tourist taking pictures here. On the other hand, it’s kind of neat that after living in San Francisco for 15 years there are still some parts of the city that are completely new to me. There are some parts of this town that I know like the back of my hand, but then travel just a few miles away and I’m a stranger in a strange land.

Balmy Alley 1

Balmy Alley 2

Balmy Alley 3

I like this contribution that was taped to the wall a lot. It’s very democratic.

Balmy Alley 10

Balmy Alley 4

Balmy Alley 11

Balmy Alley 12

Balmy Alley 13

Balmy Alley 20

Balmy Alley 40

Balmy Alley 30

The time of day that you take pictures out here makes all the difference in the world.

Unfortunately one of my favorite pieces, The Victorion, was cut off because of the mid afternoon shadows.

Balmy Alley 33

Balmy Alley 31

Balmy Alley 35

Wires, Murals, and The People Caught In-Between.

29 05 2009

Wires, Murals, and the people caught in-between 2

Wires, Murals, and the people caught in-between 3

Wires, Murals, and the people caught in-between 6

I love how this mural has incorporated all of the wires that were already attached to this building into its theme, even though I’m not quite sure how to read that.

Are they like razor sharp piano wire that is slicing that person into different pieces?

Or are they more like electrical organic wires that are creating that Pink Floyd assembly line creature below?

And what the Hell is going on down there?

It’s like one of Neil Gaiman’s nightmares that someone decided to put up on the side of their house.

I don’t know. Don’t ask me.

Wires, Murals, and the people caught in-between 10

This mural really compliments this building. The building itself is pretty haggard; it could stand to use a new paint job, yet that works with the mural that has a beautiful yet haggard feel to it. I think this is a great example of how a building doesn’t’ have to maintain a pristine paint job to work with its mural.

It’s a really interesting piece.

Harrison Street

27 05 2009

Harrison Street 1

Harrison Street 2

Harrison Street 4

Harrison Street 5

Harrison Street 10

Ape Do Good Printing

26 05 2009

Ape Do Good Printing 1.5

Ape Do Good Printing  2

Ape Do Good Printing  3

Ape Do Good Printing  4

Ape Do Good Printing  10

Ape Do Good Printing  11

Ape Do Good Printing  13

Check out how the artist snuck in a real coat hanger into his mural.

Nice touch.

1780 Folsom

26 05 2009

1780 folsom 1

1780 folsom 2

1780 folsom 3

1780 folsom 10

1780 folsom 5

Clarion Alley

19 05 2009

clarion alley 1

I stumbled across Clarion Alley purely by accident after coming back from a day of shooting pictures of Balmy Alley in The Mission.

I could easily spend the rest of the week just taking pictures of this place and still feel like I didn’t do justice to the alley.

clarion alley 60

clarion alley 10

clarion alley 2

clarion alley 3

clarion alley 5

clarion alley 6

clarion alley 11

clarion alley 13

clarion alley 14

clarion alley 15

clarion alley16

clarion alley 20

clarion alley 21

clarion alley 22

clarion alley 25.5

Someone gave Alex Jones some airtime. Awesome…

clarion alley 25

clarion alley 30

clarion alley 31.5

clarion alley 35

clarion alley 37

clarion alley 40

clarion alley 41

clarion alley 42

clarion alley 44

clarion alley 47

clarion alley 51

clarion alley 55

clarion alley 65

clarion alley 86

clarion alley 70

clarion alley 66

A Rip in the Space Time Continuum Billboard.

16 05 2009

A Rip in the Space Time Continuum Billboard 1

A Rip in the Space Time Continuum Billboard 1.5

A Rip in the Space Time Continuum Billboard 2

A Rip in the Space Time Continuum Billboard 3

A Rip in the Space Time Continuum Billboard 4

I found this neat little surreal guerilla art billboard in The Mission.

The style is a lot different than most of the murals you see around there.

The neatest thing to me was that part of the material they used for this billboard had ripped open and exposed something…not quite sure what, underneath its surface.

Very cool project.