Balmy Alley

1 06 2009

The genesis behind this week long field trip and open love letter to The Mission was Balmy Alley.

Balmy Alley is one of the more famous collections of murals in San Francisco, almost to the point of being a busy tourist destination.

On the one hand I felt very much like a tourist taking pictures here. On the other hand, it’s kind of neat that after living in San Francisco for 15 years there are still some parts of the city that are completely new to me. There are some parts of this town that I know like the back of my hand, but then travel just a few miles away and I’m a stranger in a strange land.

Balmy Alley 1

Balmy Alley 2

Balmy Alley 3

I like this contribution that was taped to the wall a lot. It’s very democratic.

Balmy Alley 10

Balmy Alley 4

Balmy Alley 11

Balmy Alley 12

Balmy Alley 13

Balmy Alley 20

Balmy Alley 40

Balmy Alley 30

The time of day that you take pictures out here makes all the difference in the world.

Unfortunately one of my favorite pieces, The Victorion, was cut off because of the mid afternoon shadows.

Balmy Alley 33

Balmy Alley 31

Balmy Alley 35



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