Clarion Alley

19 05 2009

clarion alley 1

I stumbled across Clarion Alley purely by accident after coming back from a day of shooting pictures of Balmy Alley in The Mission.

I could easily spend the rest of the week just taking pictures of this place and still feel like I didn’t do justice to the alley.

clarion alley 60

clarion alley 10

clarion alley 2

clarion alley 3

clarion alley 5

clarion alley 6

clarion alley 11

clarion alley 13

clarion alley 14

clarion alley 15

clarion alley16

clarion alley 20

clarion alley 21

clarion alley 22

clarion alley 25.5

Someone gave Alex Jones some airtime. Awesome…

clarion alley 25

clarion alley 30

clarion alley 31.5

clarion alley 35

clarion alley 37

clarion alley 40

clarion alley 41

clarion alley 42

clarion alley 44

clarion alley 47

clarion alley 51

clarion alley 55

clarion alley 65

clarion alley 86

clarion alley 70

clarion alley 66

Bring Your Own Big Wheel. San Francisco. 2009. FREE

14 04 2009

2009 was on like Donkey Kong!
Although this was the last year as a renegade event. Next year the promoters will have to cough up $10,000 (ouch!) for permits and paperwork. But for now it was on.

Bring Your Own Big wheel 2009

Bring Your Own Big wheel 2009 2

These guys were awesome. I was talking to Super Mario and was all

“That game is a classic! I just bought Super Mario on the Nintendo 64 for my girlfriend’s daughter. She had it as a kid and lost it so I picked up a copy on Ebay and that game is going for up to $50. People still love and aggressively bid on those old Super Mario 64 cartridges.”

And Super Mario was all “Yeah, Ebay is weird.”

The Princess did the entire race in character and with the dress. That’s what I love about this event; it’s not a sausage fest. There are a lot of girls and kids that race.

Bring Your Own Big wheel 2009 4

Bring Your Own Big wheel 2009 6

Bring Your Own Big wheel 2009 8

Bring Your Own Big wheel 2009 10

Bring Your Own Big wheel 2009 15

Bring Your Own Big wheel 2009 17

Bring Your Own Big wheel 2009 18

Bring Your Own Big wheel 2009 19

Bring Your Own Big wheel 2009 20

Bring Your Own Big wheel 2009 11

I biked all the way from The Outer Sunset through Dolores Park and over to Potrero Hill in under an hour and a half. I rule. It’s pretty essential to get to BYOBW early to get a good spot. I was at the bottom of the hill at the second to the last curve. It was a bit shady, but there was a small wall to stand on that was perfect protection from all the carnage.

I stuck around for an hour and then biked back over to Market and Noe where The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence were having a free block party. Chances are, if you have a free party with a sound system in this city I will be there to rock the house.

Hey, Mike! You wanna go get annihilated and rock out with a bunch of queens and bears?


The streets of San Francisco were very kind to me this Easter Sunday.

Thank you.