The Brass Tax. FREE party in Golden Gate Park.

4 06 2009

The Brass Tax free party in Golden Gate Park 2

The Brass Tax free party in Golden Gate Park 1

The Brass Tax free party in Golden Gate Park 3

The Brass Tax free party in Golden Gate Park 10

The Brass Tax free party in Golden Gate Park 15

There were lots of kids, lots of dogs, and lots of booze at the BTxGGPPwBC3 party this last Saturday.

The Brass Tax free party in Golden Gate Park 4

I also stumbled upon what has got to be the largest colony of succulents that I’ve ever seen in one spot.

The Brass Tax free party in Golden Gate Park 5

There was a shrine set up for Otto Schutt who passed away recently from cancer.

I love his taste in fashion, as is evident in his hoodie.

The Brass Tax free party in Golden Gate Park 13


Great footage by Mr. Holehead of the BrassTax Boom Box at Burning Man 2009

I love it when DJs have a sense of humor.

Bay to Breakers 2009. FREE.

19 05 2009

Bay to Breakers 2009 15

This race ends in The Outer Sunset area of Golden Gate Park and that’s normally where most of the splinter parties are at, so I normally ride my bike straight there to check out the action.

Bay to Breakers is a pretty unique event and it’ a great free party with 70,000 + other people. It’s one of the few events that San Francisco will wake up at the ungodly hour of 8AM on a Sunday and then be smashed by noon. People were annihilated last year. If you’re any kind of recovering alcoholic you want to stay far, far away from Bay to Breakers.

You could definitely notice the effects of the city’s Death of Fun campaign but people still had a great time. As I type this now on Monday it’s really cold mid 50s and overcast outside. The fog has come in and even bundled up under a few layers it’s still cold. Yesterday it was gorgeous, sunny in the low 90s, with people in shorts and no shirts. Amazing how drastically the weather can change in just a single day out here.

Bay to Breakers 2009 1.5 better

Bay to Breakers 2009 3

Bay to Breakers 2009 2

Bay to Breakers 2009 4

Bay to Breakers 2009 5

There wasn’t anywhere near the number of floats this year, but there was still quite a few sound systems. I think in the future we’ll see smaller scale, individually powered, sound systems.

All you really need are some speakers, an energy source, an ipod, and some wheels.

Bay to Breakers 2009 10

Bay to Breakers 2009 13

Bay to Breakers 2009 11

Bay to Breakers 2009 14

Bay to Breakers 2009 20

Bay to Breakers 2009 25

The pink people were back and set up shop under the bridge again.

I had heard reports that all music had to be off by 11:30, but this was the party going off at 3PM with no indication that it was planning to wrap up anytime soon.

The Conservatory of Flowers. FREE the first Tuesday of the month.

6 05 2009

Conservatory of Flowers FREE the first Tuesday of the month 5

Conservatory of Flowers FREE the first Tuesday of the month10

Conservatory of Flowers FREE the first Tuesday of the month 13

Conservatory of Flowers FREE the first Tuesday of the month 14

Conservatory of Flowers FREE the first Tuesday of the month1

Conservatory of Flowers FREE the first Tuesday of the month 9

I didn’t realize it till just now, but I love how the girl in the pink jacket is standing with the pink flowers and her mom in the white jacket is standing is solidarity over with the white flowers. Thank you both for keeping my picture balanced!

Most people know that the Conservatory of Flowers is free the first Tuesday of the month. What most of those people don’t know is that there is an amazing drum circle that also jams out in front. I was there on a Thursday a few weeks ago and they going off at like 3PM when most people should have been at work. The Conservatory of Flowers drum circle is a really polished group with tight synchronization, especially considering that they included someone on electric guitar and someone else on a didgeridoo.

A Didgery what?

Yes, a didgeridoo.

Hippy Hill on 420. FREE

21 04 2009

Hippy Hill on 420 1

Hippy Hill on 420 2

Hippy Hill on 420 3

Hippy Hill on 420 4

Hippy Hill on 420 5

Hippy Hill on 420 6

Hippy Hill on 420 7

Hippy Hill on 420 8

Hippy Hill on 420 9

Hippy Hill on 420 10

Hippy Hill on 420 12

Hippy Hill on 420 13

Hippy Hill on 420 14

Hippy Hill on 420 16

Hippy Hill on 420 17

Hippy Hill on 420 18

Hippy Hill on 420 19

Hippy Hill on 420 15-tr

It was a gorgeous low-90s heat-wave day yesterday and the entire teenage wasteland nation was scrambling for shade, like Burning Man at high noon.

There was this great dog that was sitting down next to me. Every now and then it would lift its head, close its eyes, and just sniff out whatever smoke trail was drifting within its vicinity. I was watching him do that for a few minutes before going over and talking to the dog’s owner.

“I just wanted to say you’ve got a great dog. I don’t know if you noticed, but she’s doing this cute thing where she closes her eyes, lifts her head up, and is able to sniff any smoke trail that comes next to her.”

And the dog’s owner said “Oh, that’s because she’s blind.”

And I felt like the biggest dick in the park.

But her owner was super nice and explained that she came down with glycomia when she was two and now five years later she’s still doing fine. She’s been able to survive in the city just relying on her other senses. That’s amazing. There’s such an onslaught of audio overload in the city, even on blocks where there isn’t any construction. And then you can go from that to secluded park life where it’s quiet and peaceful, then turn the corner and you’re on 19th Ave, which is basically a freeway with stoplights and bus stops. Being able to survive without your sight in this city is amazing.

Hippy Hill on 420 11

Nice meeting you, Daredevil Dog.

You are by far the most unique soul that I met on 420.

Walk The Earth Like Kane in Kung Fu

17 04 2009

Walk the Earth like Kane in Kung Fu 11

There’s been lots of amazing gymnastics in the park lately. I’m not sure if you would call this yoga or Jedi training, I think I might just stick with Kung Fu for now. Wherever there’s a drum circle on a sunny day you can find these guys practicing.

Walk the earth like Kane in Kung-Fu 1

Walk the earth like Kane in Kung-Fu 2

And lately the drum circle by The Conservatory Flowers has been going OFF. I was there on a Thursday at 3PM and they had a solid group sound that included someone on guitar and someone else on a didgeridoo and all the different sounds complimented each together.

Walk the earth like Kane in Kung-Fu 4

Walk the earth like Kane in Kung-Fu 5

Walk the earth like Kane in Kung-Fu 6

Walk the earth like Kane in Kung-Fu 7

Walk the earth like Kane in Kung-Fu 8

Homeless Crusty Punk Pirates Have Seized Control Of The Janis Joplin Tree.

16 04 2009

Crusty punk pirates seize the Janis Joplin tree 1

ZZ Top Got A Posse.

15 04 2009

This is probably one of the stranger things that I’ve seen on Hippy Hill…

Or at least it was strange in greater numbers than I’ve seen before.

ZZ top got a posse 11

ZZ Top got a posse 1

I want to say that’s an Amish sect, but I could be wrong, doing a field trip to Hippy Hill on a Sunday. Notice the guy in the green with the tupperware of glass pipes for sale. He’s one of those guys who sells his goods in the park by yelling out at people from a dozen feet away. As they ride their bike. Down a hill. No thanks guy, I don’t want to get high right now. I’m just trying to ride my bike through the park without hitting anyone.

ZZ top got a posse 2

A representative from the Hippy Hill is dispatched to open diplomatic relations and ask if they have a lighter.

ZZ Top got a posse 3

ZZ Top got a posse 5

On the way out the sect stops by the Janis Joplin Tree to negotiate for the barter of some nuggets.

I know it’s easy prey to make fun of someone because they dress differently, but I’m not even going to go there. Strictly from a fashion standpoint, I approve of any kind of organized religion that encourages their spiritual leaders to get crazy with their facial hair. I’m just jealous because I can’t do that. I can slum it and go 2 weeks without shaving and it just looks like I have scattered breadcrumbs on my chin. I would kill to be able to grow out a ZZ Top caliber beard.

And fashion wise, the boys dress a lot like most of the straight edge or even 2-tone ska kids that I went to high school with. I’m a creature of habit and I like the idea of having a simple uniform to wear everyday. I can get behind that.

Sunday Skating at Skatin’ Place.

10 03 2009

Sunday skating at Skatin' Place 1

Every Sunday the city closes down a few streets in Golden Gate Park to car traffic and D Miles hosts his Sunday skating at Skatin’ Place get down.

D has got really good taste in music and Skatin’ Place is a magnet for all these colorful and talented skaters and onlookers.

I was tripping out on this kid in the orange pants. This guy was ripping it up.

Sunday skating at Skatin' Place 2

Sunday skating at Skatin' Place 3

Sunday skating at Skatin' Place 4

Now check it out as he circles by. He’s bent over like a pretzel and skating on one leg, with his other leg sticking out and his head just inches above the concrete.

Sunday skating at Skatin' Place 6

Sunday skating at Skatin' Place 7

Sunday skating at Skatin' Place 8

Fucking rad!

Those are some dope threads you got there, Son.

10 03 2009

dope threads son

That’s just too cute for words.

You know your parents love you when they hook you up with a sweet Adidas jumpsuit that they know you will outgrown in a few months.

I think this kid just became my new favorite drummer in the park.

Hippy Hill on a Saturday.

8 03 2009

hippy hill 1

I love Golden Gate Park.

Everyone in San Francisco has this amazing multi-million dollar backyard that we all get to share. And I never have to worry about mowing the lawn. All the stress, price gouging, and road rage that comes with living in the city evaporates away on a sunny day in the park. That’s the pay-off. That’s one of the things that makes it all worth while. There’s nothing in the world that I would trade my sunny weekend days in the park for.

Hippy Hill is a melting pot. Just like crack being cooked in a microwave. You have college kids, high school kids, homeless kids, homeless dogs, crusty punks, screaming crazy people, drug dealers, drug buyers, tourists, cops on motorcycles, cops in patrol cars, kids, soccer moms, frisbee heads, jugglers, and this amazing eclectic assortment of drummers and horns that jam out on the weekend. There are some people that I’ve been seeing in this drum circle for over a decade now. This is our backyard.

Lately I’ve been coming here and thinking a lot about patience. These cats in the drum circle have a lot of patience. I’m talking Dali Lama levels of patience. People get in their face and plant themselves in their personal space to take pictures of them while they do their thing. It doesn’t faze them. I remember for a while there this one guy was showing up with an electric guitar and amp and rocking out, it just killed the mood. Everyone else is doing this organic music and this guy was showing up with an electric guitar and blasting them over. His skills sucked too, which made it that much more obnoxious. It didn’t faze them. The drum circle just went on. These guys have a lot of patience. I really respect that and find myself drawn here lately to just sit and think about that.