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15 09 2009

The ALL IN ONE ONE IN ALL House in The Outer Sunset.

14 08 2009

All in One. One in All house in the Outer Sunset 2

All in One. One in All house in the Outer Sunset 11

All in One. One in All house in the Outer Sunset 7

More evidence that The Outer Sunset has got to be one of the weirdest suburbs in America.

You can throw down your freak flag right there on the front lawn, run it up the flagpole, and just let it fly.

The beaches of San Francisco gave birth to Burning Man and the quirky beach side suburbs of San Francisco have given birth to pockets of these Temporary Autonomous Zones that have since mutated into Permanent Autonomous Zones.

Must be something in the water …

Thank you to Sunset Style for the head’s up and Goggle Maps for the legwork



Crazy Guy’s House

The Friendship Bench House

Oh Yeah? Well, Hipster Indy Weeklies Swallow.

9 06 2009

Oh yeah? Well hipster indy weeklies swallow.

I gotta say, as an impartial bystander that doesn’t much care for either newspaper, this whole grudge match between the SF Weekly and the SF Guardian is more entertaining than any grudge match going on in professional wrestling or any grudge match going on in hip-hop combined.

It also follows in the rich tradition of San Francisco newspapers talking shit and making enemies. And then getting shot.

From a recent story on SF Gate.

The late 1870s birthed one of the most infamous sex scandals in history, with all the trappings of power, lust and deadly gunplay.

It began when minister Isaac Kalloch moved here from back East to become a pastor. Tales of illicit sexual exploits trailed him, and when he ran for mayor, Chronicle Publisher Charles de Young went on an opposition warpath. “Driven forth from Boston like an Unclean Leper, his trial for adultery, his escapade with one of the Tremont Temple Choristers,” read one of the headlines. Kalloch railed back that de Young was, according to “The Magnificent Rogues of San Francisco” by Charles Adams: “The bastard progeny of a whore, born in the slums and nursed in the lap of prostitution.”

An infuriated de Young shot Kalloch in 1879, but Kalloch recovered and was elected mayor. Kalloch’s son was a better shot: He gunned de Young down in the newspaper office the next year, killing him.


And then, from Michael Henry de Young’s wikipedia page –

He (M. H. de Young) moved with his family to San Francisco, California while he was still young. There, he and his brother, Charles de Young, founded the Daily Dramatic Chronicle newspaper, first published on January 16, 1865. The Chronicle was the predecessor of the San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco’s only remaining daily broadsheet newspaper. De Young was also the director of the Associated Press for many years.

In 1884, he was shot by an irate businessman, Adolph B. Spreckels, apparently due to a negative newspaper article, but survived.

The M. H. de Young Memorial Museum in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park is named in his honor.


Fucking Hardcore.

Amen, Brother.

7 05 2009

I'm trying

Just kidding!

just kidding 2

I love how the reflection has warped my Raiders shirt.

You have the normal Raider’s face on the right hand side, then he warp drives over to the left hand side, and in-between you have this third face, like a depressed V for Vendetta mask crying out in pain.

We know that you’re hurting and hiding your theatre of pain behind a macho façade.

We know you’re hurting, Raiders Guy. We know.

The Obama Raider

7 05 2009

obama raiders

And the award for the worst Raiders copyright infringement shirt of the month goes to…

The Obama Raiders shirt as seen in a window display on upper Haight. C’mon down and take a bow…

Misfits Raiders

Likewise, my favorite Raiders copyright infringement shirt remains the Misfits Raiders shirt.

This is a mash-up that got it right.


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Amen, Brother.

Back When Frank Chu’s Message Was Somewhat Coherent.

5 05 2009

Back when Frank Chu was somewhat coherent

I took a picture of this Andy Warhol inspired painting at that free party at the De Young museum on Friday night.

Back in the 90s, before twitter, facebook, wordpress, and all of the electronic social networking that exists today, Frank Chu was making a name for himself as being one of the more eccentric people in this city. When I was working in the Finical District I would see Frank march downtown several times a week. The guy also never misses a photo opt. If there’s ever any kind of interesting free outdoor event going on in the Bay Area chances are Frank will be there, just walking the earth like Kane in Kung-Fu.

San Francisco has always had a soft spot for eccentric crazy types. San Francisco took care of Emperor Norton and it takes care of Frank Chu. San Francisco gives Frank free food, named one of her short-lived bars after him, and made a bitching wikipedia page for him. Ultimately though it’s also turned Frank into the most recognizable local Internet celebrity. By far.

That’s what strikes me as the oddest thing about Frank Chu, the idea of self-fulfilling prophecies. Frank’s original beef was that he believed that he was secretly being filmed as part of a reality TV show that was being broadcast in the 12 Galaxies. He wasn’t upset so much about being filmed, but was pissed that then President Clinton was conspiring with the 12 Galaxies to withhold his royalty paychecks. Frank Chu wants to get paid.

But now, after some 19 years of protesting, Frank Chu has become a celebrity, probably the biggest and most photographed non-elected Bay Area resident on the web. People dress up as Frank for Halloween or Bay to Breakers , politicans pay to advertise on the back of his signs, and some raver made a Frank Chu float at Love Fest last year and made Frank Chu the Grand Marshall!

Hell, someone just made a Frank Chu Sign generator page a few days ago.

Whether intentional or not, he’s created this persona and brand identity that, thanks to the Internet, has taken off like wildfire.

So who is the crazy person in this scenario?

The guy walking around claiming that he is an intergalactic reality TV star or all of us that turned that guy into the biggest Bay Area Internet celebrity of the 21st century?

Self-fulfilling prophecies.

It’s something to think about…

Crazy Guy’s House on 420

23 04 2009

Crazy Guy's House on 420 1

Crazy Guy's House on 420 2

Crazy Guy's House on 420 3

Crazy Guy's House on 420 8

Crazy Guy's House on 420 7

Crazy Guy’s House.

16 02 2009


There are 3 things that instantly come to mind whenever I think of the suburbs.

There’s The Wonder Years. This sick with nostalgia feeling of different, goofy, outdated, salad day moments in all these different suburbs and Navy housing units that I grew up in. And this isn’t a recent phenomenon. Generations of Americans have been raised in the suburbs since the post-WW2 boom and they each have their own goofy, outdated, corny memories of growing up in those housing units that are special to them.

There’s swimming pools & punk rock. There’s everything from the Bad Religion punk rock, Blink 182 suburban punk rock, and straight edge punk rock as a rebuttal to the conformity of the suburbs. During the droughts of the 1980’s Los Angeles homeowners would let their backyard pools run dry to conserve water and that in turn directly created the vertical skateboard movement. Last year, people were abandoning their homes because they couldn’t make their mortgage payments in such great number that there was an explosion of West Nile virus in southern California because nobody was maintaining all these polluted swimming pools. Punk rock & The Law of Unintended Consequences.

And then there’s The Home Owner’s Association, the mafia of the suburbs. Drunk on power and accountable to no one, they are The Law of the suburbs. Leave your Christmas lights or Halloween pumpkins out too late after the holidays and the first time you’ll get a warning, the 2nd time you’ll get a ticket. If you want to build a fence or make a landscaping change you need their blessings. If you want to paint your wall you have to get written permission from them beforehand. Even if it’s the same color. Revolutions have been fought over slighter grievances.

That’s why Crazy Guy’s House is so ironic.


At 90 some years, The Outer Sunset has got to be one of the oldest suburbs on the West Coast. Yet, there’s no Home Owner’s Association out here. Because there’s no way in Hell that this house would exist in any other suburb in California that had one. I’m part of the David Best fan club and I’m all for transforming trash into art…but sorry, sometimes trash put up on a pedestal is still just trash. Crazy Man’s House is a windmill of crap. On a windy day you can hear Crazy Man’s House from half a block away. If I lived near this guy it would drive me crazy over time, yet in the 14 years that I’ve lived out here not only has he not been forced to take his shit down, but dude has actually added to his collection.




That’s why life in The Outer Sunset is so surreal. Like a David Lynch movie. Or a bad youtube video. It’s own little piece of the Twilight Zone where the laws of physics, zoning violations, and common sense don’t always exist. It’s very weird.

Nice purple succulents though –

crazy guys house succulant