Amen, Brother.

7 05 2009

I'm trying

Just kidding!

just kidding 2

I love how the reflection has warped my Raiders shirt.

You have the normal Raider’s face on the right hand side, then he warp drives over to the left hand side, and in-between you have this third face, like a depressed V for Vendetta mask crying out in pain.

We know that you’re hurting and hiding your theatre of pain behind a macho façade.

We know you’re hurting, Raiders Guy. We know.

The Obama Raider

7 05 2009

obama raiders

And the award for the worst Raiders copyright infringement shirt of the month goes to…

The Obama Raiders shirt as seen in a window display on upper Haight. C’mon down and take a bow…

Misfits Raiders

Likewise, my favorite Raiders copyright infringement shirt remains the Misfits Raiders shirt.

This is a mash-up that got it right.


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Amen, Brother.