The Friendship Bench House.

3 02 2009

The Friendship Bench

This is one of the more unique houses in The Outer Sunset.

There are a lot of hills in San Francisco and a lot of old people in The Outer Sunset. These homes sold for 5-6 grand when they were first built in the 1930s and 1940s. There was a time when you could be a blue-collar working class kind of guy and have the ability to mortgage a house in San Francisco. Now these homes are starting off at 600 – 700 grand at the low end. There are a lot of senior citizens that are on a fixed income and live off of cat food, but they live in and own a million dollar house. And they have hills to climb on their way back from the store, which is what makes the Friendship Bench very practical. Let’s check it out.



Nice little Mr. Roger’s homes in the background.


And there’s even a suggestion box right above Dinosaur Island. Nice touch.


That’s what’s neat about living in The Outer Sunset. People have a lot more freedom (for better or worse) to adapt their homes into something unique that matches their personality. From across the street you may not even give it a second glance if driving by, but trust me, the Friendship Bench can be a lifesaver for some people when trekking home from MUNI or grocery shopping.