The Hello Kitty Car Salutes This Day.

30 12 2009

Hello Kitty Mobile of The Outer Sunset

The Outer Sunset might as well be renamed New Chinatown. My neighborhood is primarily Asian, mostly Chinese, and some of my more creative neighbors have converted their cars into neat little pop culture shrines. If Tera Patrick ever moved into The Outer Sunset I’d imagine she’d have a Hello Kitty shrine like this in her car too.

I was fortunate enough this day to find the Hello Kitty car parked facing towards the beach as the sun set, so it’s a clear shot. I love also that they chose to have the dashboard idol facing towards the windshield instead of towards the driver. Makes for a great picture.

I wasn’t as lucky with this green themed car and it was foggy and overcast that day. Hey, welcome to The Outer Sunset.

New Chinatown 7

Notice how both these cars are very color coordinated. Even down to the green lid of the Lysol hand wipes next to the baby seat in the back. You know the color of a product is a deal breaker with this family when it comes to what they will buy and put in their car. They could be at Target and there could be some hand wipes with a pink lid that were half the price of the green lid hand wipes and if anyone dared to put the pink lid hand wipes in the cart the parents would be all “What the fuck is wrong with you? We’re down with green, you know that. You want to buy any of that pink shit than you might as well go ride with that Hello Kitty family and ask them to adopt you as well because you ain’t no child of mine. Now put that pink crap back where you found it before I have to decapitate you like all those stuffed animals that weren’t down with green”

New Chinatown 9



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31 12 2009

You should take a picture of all the assholes with hello kitty shit that are double parked all the way up Noriega like they own the whole damn road (how is that legal?!).
The things I hate about living in the Outer Sunset are that NO ONE knows how to use a stop sign at a 4-way stop, park in an *actual* parking spot, or has the courtesy of allowing pedestrians to cross the street. I live pretty much next to WalGreens and everyday when I’m driving to work I see pedestrians almost get run over by people trying to get into the 25th Ave parking, it is unconscionable that these people are not ticketed for endangering lives so that they can get their redbull or whatever quicker.
-Thanks and nice blog, just seeing those hello kitty cars reminded me of the day-to-day horrors of driving in the Outer Sunset. Oh and this isn’t an ethnic thing, as I’m half Japanese and half Caucasian, but can still manage to drive with some sort of respect for other people around me.

31 12 2009
Michael Bolger

What scares me more than the 4-way stops (both north/south and east/ west must stop) are the 2-way stops (north/south must stop but east/west does not have a stop sign and has the right of way) I have one of those right outside my window and on a daily basis I can hear frustrated drivers blasting their horns because they can’t grasp the concept that the other driver is not trying to cut/piss them off, they don’t have a stop sign, and really do have the right of way.

That and you have to creep forward and try and look past these hummers, trucks, SUVs, and other large scale vehicles to see if anyone is coming. This neighborhood wasn’t designed to accommodate the kinds of cars that people are driving these days. Oh, and you gotta love those potholes all along Noriega. You take your life in your hands every time to drive or ride your bike on those streets.

1 01 2010

Haha, very accurate assessment and I’m glad I found this blog, keep up the good work! It’s nice to read about our part of the city from someone who appreciates the Outer Sunset for what it is, instead of comparing it to other parts of the city like most blogs/SF news sites do.

21 01 2010
Flüge Bangkok


the car stuff look cool.. i had also hello kitty car things in bright pink. got it to my for years but i did not like it to much cuz they did not match to my red car.


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