Dear Salsa Del Sol, Can you please sell your Jalapeno Hot Sauce in a bottle? You know, like, in a store and on a shelf with all the other hot sauces.

9 12 2009

Salsa Del Sol Jalapeno Hot Sauce 1

I don’t want to tell you how to do your job Salsa Del Sol, but if you have a Marketing Department, or a New Business Development Department, or even a Public Relations Department, you might want to crunch the numbers and think about selling your Jalapeno Hot Sauce not just in 0.3125-Ounce Single Serve Packages, but, say, in a 8 ounce or 16 ounce bottle.

People like going to grocery stores, bulk discount stores, and Asian import stores to buy their hot sauces. We usually buy them in bottles so it’s easy to use what you want and then save the rest for later.

We really love your Salsa Del Sol Jalapeno Hot Sauce. Unfortunately it doesn’t make much sense to spend $37 (with shipping) to have 500 individual single serving packages. It takes up space in the fridge and you don’t even want to try and save part of an unused package. That’s a mess.

You guys have a great product and unfortunately the only way we’re able to get it right now is to bribe the local pizza place for extra, extra, packets. That money could instead be going directly into your pockets.

Salsa Del Sol Jalapeno Hot Sauce 2


Yank Sing’s Chili Pepper Sauce




20 responses

14 01 2010
john russell

Best Hot Sauce I’ve ever had. To bad I cannot purchase it in a store.
Common, sell it in a bottle and make some real money.


27 01 2010
miller holmes

What store can i buy your hot sauce.

20 03 2010

Hey I may break down and end up buying the 500 packet but is too much for me maybe we can split it!!!!

5 01 2011

Yes, this is me and my boyfriend’s favorite hot sauce but we have to steal packets from the chevron and that’s never enough cause I like to drown my burritos in it. Please sell it in bottles!!!

27 01 2011
elle driver

i’m glad to know i’m not the only one who loves this sauce and wish they would bottle it and sell it in the stores..this company is doing itself a disservice.

23 07 2011

That stuff is the bomb! I think Hardee’s also has the packs?

23 11 2011

Best hot sauce EVER! I have to beg at Hardees for them.

13 12 2011

I just went to their website over at and requested it be sold in stores in bottles.

9 04 2012

This is great sauce. can’t wait until they figure out it needs bottled and sold in local stores.

30 04 2012

This blog is so fkn true. I can’t even tell you how much Salsa del sol I have to steal from my school while getting lunch cause this hot sauce is so gooo!
•please start making bottles with your hot sauce!
•and you make more money financially as a business’s , we get your hot sauce in a bottle and you get more money , we all win.

3 01 2013
alberto perez

I super love your jalapeno hot sauce!!! I’ve looked erverywhere and can’t find it in bottle.Please put in store shelfs pronto!!!

9 03 2013

omg love, love, love this hot sauce its been my favorite 9 years really wish they would sell in stores I don’t care if its bottle or packs just wish it would be sold in stores easy access… an mot have to wait for it to be delivered

16 05 2013

TOTALLY AGREE with everyone – its the best! Where can I buy it???

17 05 2013

Add me to the list of lovers for Salsa Del Sol Jalapeno Sauce. Snagging what I can from my local Hardees but they keep it under the counter (smart people)

31 07 2013

Hardee’s has it???? I’m on my way!!

31 05 2013

Great hot sauce please sell in bottles, such much money to be made and your missing out.

31 07 2013

I always take more than I need from Zantigo…LOVE the stuff!!! I also drown my food in it!! I bought the 500 packets before (free ship) and I’d buy the 500 packets again, but now the shipping is outrageous!

12 07 2014

Heinz, a company who is lost in the 21 century.
This is gold in a bottle. Why isnt it on the shelves?

3 08 2016

Ditto, I do the same thing at the local Kolache shop. Would love to see it in a bottle because I won’t order the packets.

5 07 2017


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