Tour De Fat. Golden Gate Park. 2009. FREE.

28 09 2009

Tour De Fat. Golden Gate Park. 2009. FREE 1

Tour De Fat. Golden Gate Park. 2009. FREE 2

New Belgium Ale had their annual free bike, carnival, and beer party this weekend.

It was fun, like Homer Simpson Day in Golden Gate Park.

Tour De Fat. Golden Gate Park. 2009. FREE 3

I saw that Frank Chu was nearby so I went over to say “Hi” and talk shop.

I was all, “Frank, have you ever thought about getting another reality TV show? One where you actually get paid for this time and one where you can work out all the details beforehand? I think it could be a really unique show.”

First off, it would be a show about the Bay Area. Think of San Francisco as being one of the main characters of the show. Everyone loves those travel shows where you have an Anthony Bourdain type of guy who’s keeping it real and showing you where the locals hang out off the beaten path. I can’t think of anyone else more qualified or who knows San Francisco better than Frank. The guy has an amazing work ethic and hasn’t missed a single photo opt in the past 15 years. Also, it would be kind of funny to see a professional camera crew try and keep up with Frank. You could easily film enough footage in 1 month to fill up an entire season.

Second, it’s a show about the most famous Bay Area personality of the past 15 years and who will probably continue to be the most famous Bay Area Internet personality for the next 15 years. It’s something real, not one of those scripted teen drama shows, or looking for scripted love contest elimination shows, it’s something real and real life doesn’t always have easy and convenient answers.

Third and finally, it’s a show about how those characters play off each other. It’s a buddy show about a man on a mission and the relationship he has with Oakland or the relationship he has with San Francisco. San Francisco has a history going as far back as Emperor Norton of taking care of its eccentric types, but we expect you to have personality. Anybody who has ever traveled to LA to make a name for themselves could relate to that show.

I think Bravo or A&E could really do a show like this justice.

I told Frank I would run some of those ideas up the flagpole and see what people think.


Photo courtesy of Criollo

My favorite website is now sponsoring Frank Chu by buying the advertising space on the back of his protest sign.

File under Brilliant Urban Marketing Move


Frank Chu

Recent picture and words from local icon Plug 1

I left work yesterday with 2 extra tix to the 7:15 pm Giants game….and….then….ran into my friend Frank Chu around 6:45pm….

“Hey, Frank. Wanna free ticket to tonight’s game?”


“Here Ya Go”

Frank and I find our seats and sat down. We talked sports for a bit. You gotta give him a chance: he’s got more to talk about than intergalactic mayhem, that’s for sure. After the sixth inning, we headed down to Acme Chophouse to enjoy a cold frosty one. He informed me that most of the Local Media is against him, but I already knew that. After my beer, I left. Frank said he was going to stay and have another beer before heading back to Oakland.



2 responses

29 09 2009

Frank Chiu’s actually from Oakland so it would probably have to be a reality show on the bridge and tunnel crowd.

6 10 2009

i would watch a show about frank!

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