Hey, have any of you guys seen my fishtank?

13 08 2009

Have any of you seen my fish tank

This sign really isn’t that big of a deal from a San Francisco perspective, or from any major big-city perspective for that matter.

But think of it for a second in the context of the all-American suburb.

I’m a Navy Brat. I grew up in several different Navy housing units and suburbs and there isn’t a single suburb I know that would tolerate someone posting a large, laminated sign outside their house without a permit.

Much less a large, laminated sign dropping the S-bomb in front of them and their children. That’s an act of war in the suburbs. People would get all desperate housewives on you. Cops would be called. Chances are, you’d be tazed before the night was through, Bro.

But yet, here in The Outer Sunset, in what has to be one of the oldest suburbs on the west coast, you can get away with it.

This really must be one of the weirdest suburbs in America.



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14 08 2009

Life in the Big Shitty!

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