The Legion of Lucha Libre Super Heroes

21 05 2009

The Legion of Lucha Libre Super Heroes. 1

I had the weirdest dream about some Lucha Libre masks I photographed in The Mission last week.

If I had to pitch my dream in 30 seconds it would be LOST meets Caligula. There’s a cast of 20-30 men and women that live all across the world that all share common connections that they are unaware of, but that the viewer can pick up on if they are paying attention. Every week 4-5 of those people are teleported away and into their Lucha Libre masks where they now have super powers and fight zombies and vampires as part of a massive never-ending secret crisis war.

That lasts about 5 minutes and then they spend the rest of the episode having kinky sex and playing BDSM games with each other. All while in character, with the masks on and with superpowers. I must have dreamt through an entire season last night.

I think if I toned this down I could pitch it to Fox as a mid season replacement. It’s got a legion of kinky Lucha Libre super heroes, that just writes itself.

The Legion of Lucha Libre Super Heroes. 2


Faith No More lucha libre in Mexico

Faith No More rocking the lucha libre masks for the Nov 11 2009 show at Arena Monterrey in Monterrey Mexico. They did all of Reunited with the masks on. Love how Mike Patton has incorporated his hat into the look.

Photo courtesy of Roddy Bottom’s twitter


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