Burning Man in Oakland Next Week.

3 07 2009

Michael Christian’s Bone Arch at Burning Man 1997.

I remember this year. 1997 was the first, and God-willing, only time that Burning Man was moved to the Hualapai Playa. The local sheriff’s department pulled an Enron. They put armed cops in the ticket booth and collected 100% of all the ticket money as it came in. This is a shake-down, suckers! Burning Man almost went bankrupt that year.

This was a piece that Michael Christian had put together from local horse and cow skeletons. Talk about using all the parts of the buffalo. I remember all that dead grass on the playa and everyone was riding around with cow skulls that year.

I had a lot of fun in 1997, but I never want to see the Hualapai Playa ever again.

Amazing Burning Man Art Carnival in the post 9/11 / Oscar Grant / Lovelle Mixon Oakland next week.

With Michael Christian art.

And The Flaming Lotus Girls

Flaming Lotus Girls Serpent Mother 1

Flaming Lotus Girls Serpent Mother 6

And The Mutaytor

How crazy is that video?

There’s like 50 people in that band, including the bassist from Oingo Boingo, and 100 people on the stage for one song.

It’s like what Lollapalooza could be if Perry Farrell still did drugs.